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Month old shopping trip and a lot o' cupcakes

Just a quick post today. I realized I got a couple cupcake things and other junk almost a month ago and haven't posted any of it. Boo on me! So I thought I'd share some goodies I got. I apologize for the crappy pictures, I literally found all of these just stashed away on my phone and didn't get around to editing them.

Cupcake Erasers! These were too cute not to get, so stupid but oh well. They are about 4 inches tall, and only a dollar at the good ol' Dollar Tree, I couldn't resist. I have no idea what to do with them so I just put them on top of the fridge with the cupcake cookbook.

More damn Cupcake candles

A cupcake notepad.

Birthday cake M&Ms I bought forever ago and just remembered thanks to Decayla. I remember them tasting just like devil's food cake, pretty good, but not my favorite.

Cupcake stamp cutter, so cute! My dad found me this one, thanks Dad!

Halloween Village Display - Graveyard and more

I decided to cover the graveyard in moss to give it a run down look. But first, I put the zombies where I wanted them and traced where they would be so they wouldn't be unstable on the moss. Let me just say... the moss was a bitch! I had it all over the living room, my husband was not happy about it, it clung to EVERYTHING! But it was a good texture to have. I decided to add a fence last minute out of toothpicks. I originally wanted to create a rot-iron fence but my husband said it would look better if I make it all shabby looking, and I agree. I'm not sure what I'm painting the base of the platform yet, maybe just black. 

I added in some clay tombstones I made even a statue to add a little character to the graveyard. What do you think? I kind of took the easy way out and just bought the zombie figures instead of making them. But they glow in the dark and I loved the various positions they came in. There's even a zombie dog hehehe. 

I've been slowly but surely getting the Evil Dead cabin finished.  I made some dead trees last night and I even added the chimney. I'm just waiting for the leaves to cover the ground. I ordered some leaf scatter off eBay since I couldn't figure out a way to make mini leaves. I loved making the stone walk-way below for a skeleton tree. It's such a small space, so not much can fit there. This section will be the far right side.

Here's the position of the left side. It's going to have the graveyard scene, The Bride of Frankenstein scene and on the empty level I think I'm going to put the Nightmare on Elm Street House.

Bride of Frankenstein Figures

I've been working on my Halloween Village Display the last couple of days and getting a crap load of stuff done. I'll have to post some pictures of the graveyard after I take them. But this is about the Bride of Frankenstein figures I finished. Love them! 

Both of these started out as different figures. The girl was a Cinderella and the guy was a (short) construction worker and because of this I had to add height to his head and feet. I can't wait to get their scene all together, I need to figure out a way to do a Tesla coil for it. I have the stone done, but I want to add walls and an actual scene.