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Get to know your Bloggers - Jeremy of iZombieLover and so much more

 For the first real round of Get to know your bloggers, my favorite blogger out there... drum roll please....


 Man with many hats, or is it heads... maybe multi-personalities?
Hot and the twisted, the regular kinds have no real meaning
I wanted to introduce my art and share some of the thoughts I see in the world be it movies, books, music or the a zombie or two.
I had three small pieces of rye [with seeds], blob of butter, smeared honey peanut butter and four cups of coffee [little sugar, and french vanilla cream].
I swear when it works into what I am doing, I hate to use it just to be heard... so I am a 50/50 swearing sailor.
My favorite horror film is Clive Barker's "Nightbreed" so I am going to say "Peloquin" he represents good and evil.
I love film score music, it has become an obsession for me over the years and some of my favorites are Danny Elfman, Brian Tyler, John Williams and the great Basil Poledouris.
Zombies on my zombie site, Interviews on my movie site and sharing my art on my art site.
Funny I don't read books, wait that came out wrong... I read reference-styled books most of the time, but here is the last couple:
Chris Wood's: Sherlock Holmes and the Flying Zombie Death [2011]
Steve Hockensmith's: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Dreadfully Ever After [2011]
John Reed's: Tales of Woe [2010]
Toasted Marshmallow
I like all three, but loves me a good Zombie!
Song: What About Me - Moving Pictures [1982]
Music Score: Edward Scissorhands - Danny Elfman
Sea Foam Green it just represents me the best, kind of blah with so much hidden color.
Pizza, i just started my million and one diets.
Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back... it ends on a downer and makes you feel that you can win and still lose.
Day the Earth Stood Still [classic]... same reason.
Book of Science, mostly there will be no cure in the start... we just need to able to start over, I will be the only zombie with a real brain.
"No Matter Where You Go, There You Are" Buckaroo Banzai
 Will you ever design t-shirts for your art and or draw me a zombie to my zombie site?
Would you take my "21q's" interview challenge?

- For your first question, t-shirts? Sounds good, I'll have to work that into my schedule. And a zombie for your site? Tell me what you want (looks, what he's doing, colored, etc) and it's done!
- For your second questions about the "21q's", my answer is Hell yeah!

 Oh Jeremy, what can I say about you. Well I love your site, it's awesome and I read every morning like I read my paper. (iZombie) He creates eBook covers, movie and music reviews and sooooo much more. His art works are amazing, funny and always original. Jeremy was one of my first followers and he was the first to feature me on his site, which was the first 'outing' of itsonrandom! So he's been my little engine, keeping me going when I begin to doubt my blog. I was going to give up on the blogging thing until he gave me a little hope to keep chuggin away. I can't wait to be made into a zombie by him!!!!!!!!!!! He's got so many projects going on right now, I'm surprised he was able to get back to me. So unless you're a frickin crazy, check out everything Jeremy does.


  1. Jeremy, I'm working on a t-shirt shop as we speak. Yeah, thanks again for the encouragement and idea!

  2. thank you, for giving me the chance to speak... i really enjoy the layout for this from question to answers. and the t-shirt thing is sounded very cool. i would like to see a ballerina zombie [head to toe]... and i can send you the 21q's to you soon...
    lots of love and luck here!

  3. What a great interview from a really great blogger. Anyone that has Nightbreed as their favorite film is an awesome person to me :D And a Buckaroo Banazi quote!! :D

    Thanks for sharing this with all us bloggers!!



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