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Morbid Zombie Mondays - Emails from Dad

So every now and then ever since I started this blog, my dad will send me a zombie email of something he found while browsing. So I thought I would share some finds he has found for me, some are funny, some are just plain stupid but good news is, they all have to do with Zombies! Special thanks to you Dad! 

 Movie Posters
Now these aren't "B" movies, I'd call them F movies, but they're just funny enough to mention. We actually watched the first 10 minutes of Pot Zombies but couldn't help but turn it off.

Zombie Garden Gnome
Now this little guy I want, hmmmmm.... maybe I could make one! If you want one stop by dougfx's Etsy store.

Zombie Gary

This is a just a 3 part episode about a zombie named Gary who meets a girl and goes on a date. Funny or Die, you decide here.


  1. Pot Zombies...that cover is just Volume 1!

  2. yep that gnome is pretty awesome.

  3. gnomes scare me gnormally...


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