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Vintage Photos - Inspiration for photo re-touches

I've always loved vintage old black and white photos, but I've dusted off some goodies! These are not just cool but interesting because of the time and nature of the photos. I'm going to be doing some fun stuff with some black and white photos soon, not these ones, they are interesting enough. Can't wait to mess around!


  1. Those are freaking awesome. I'd love to make a photo gallery on a wall of these kinds of disturbing shots and the creepy vintage Halloween pics.

  2. one of those is a still from the movie "Freaks" i think.

  3. Hmm...I want to know what's going on in that last picture.

  4. -E- is correct. A very good film too, in the context of when it was made with some very impressive performances. Certainly not a must see, but a very dark and brooding tale.


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