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So this is it...

        I'm truly excited! I've joined the hundreds of thousands in the blogging world, and it seems almost too late. But like many of you, life has left me with lotz O' time on my hands and I now have time to start something I've wanted to do for years, start sharing and creating with everyone! 

       So my first "project" I want to share is my 4 week long Mod Podged yarn chest that I can't stop looking at.  I fell in love with the Wonderland comic series due to my love of Alice in Wonderland and a fan of the twisted (I still enjoy the classic Carroll more) so I decided to buy hardbacks and cut up my originals to cover my chest ( that's the wooden one) up with. It took some time but the finished product was flawless!

Now the big caterpillar picture on the top of the chest was done by my honey Cian (pronounced like Shaun) who decided to draw my favorite character using water color pencils. I just love the look of it!