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So Excited!

I just received an email from Sharon from Ghost Hunting Theories and she asked me if I want to be in a book! "Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse" where zombie crafts, recipes and housekeeping all come together! I'm so damn excited!!!!!! Thank you for this opportunity and I can't wait to see the end result!

The gas Mask photo

Over time I guess our preparing for the apocalypse has changed a bit eh? I was going to mess some colors into this picture, but then realized it's perfect the way it is. Isn't this picture gorgeous? It's weird to think that people had so much more to keep their kids away from, other than zombies. People would often lose children to the measles or the flu. 

This might seem a little crazy or drastic, but If I were in a time when medicine wasn't readily available, I'd be strapping my baby into something like this too.

All jokes aside, it's just an interesting pic I wanted to share.

Just got back from Camping.

So just got back yesterday from a 3 day camping trip with my lil famn damily and I'm pleased to see that I've gained some new readers. So welcome, I hope you dig what I do and want to read some more :)

So first off I want to say that I love Tresemme's Dry Shampoo, I wouldn't have made it without you! I can rough it with the rest, but I can't stand stringy hair, nope not at all! But I do have to say I'm so happy to be back home with my technology, my baby Astrid and no more scary ass 4 inch earwig things.

Do you see this thing? It was 3 inches long and there were thousands of them. Scary!

I do have to say, the coolest thing about this camping trip was this... This was on our emergency shelter at our campsite. My oldest sister's name is Kara and my initials are BD...

And then we found this. These are also my parents initials. (below)... this is no coincidence. Apparently we carved these into this same shelter 13 years ago on a family trip. I didn't even know about it. How crazy is that?!?

 So we decided to put our nicknames right below my parents. Hopefully we can find them in another 13 years.

Yes my family nickname is beans, don't ask me why cuz I don't really know. I know it's not the stupid reason you're coming up with in your head :) And we put Cian's as Cain cuz that's what dad calls him :)
All and all it was an amazing trip and I'm so happy to have had a shower!

Morbid Zombie Mondays - Zombies make your brain go POP

Like most of the things my dad brings me that are zombie related, they end up on a Morbid Zombie Monday. Well it's actually getting to be more frequent since he keeps his eyes peeled for all things zombie for me now, it's pretty bitchin'. So when he came across Tango Soda, that turns you into a zombie, he managed to snag a can - even if it was empty. Pretty cool, I'll have to get my hands on some.
Now we have something else to add to our loverly collection. So thank you again dad, you rock! Hmmm, I'm in having comic book shop withdrawals. Might need to get a fix soon. MMMMMmmmm Comics....

Happy Monday

Get to know your Bloggers - Mister Bones from Tales from the Batcave

Crunchy and Hot
I was a member of an invite-only Xbox Live forum and a lot of my Xbox buds had blogs, so I decided to start my own. It's been through several iterations and main focal points, beginning with video games and ending up where I'm at now, horror, movies, games, comics, and music.
The usual, a protein shake and multivitamin
Depends, if my kids are around I'm like Orbitz clean, at work or with friends I may let the occasional swear slip.
SyFy Channel creature mash-ups! Sharktopus, Gatoroid, Dinoshark, I love them all, regardless of how bad the movie is.
Hmm, I'm currently excited about my latest weekly post, Mister Bones' Friday Night Drive-In where I post a full length public domain classic horror film.
The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks by Max Brooks
Santa Claus
Don't suppose "all of the above" is an option, so I'll go with Zombies.
A little bit of everything, but primarily metal and I also run with a hatchet.
Buffalo Chicken
Jaws made me terrified of sharks and the ocean, a fear which I still have to this day, Phantasm made me afraid of old people for a whole summer, and Friday the 13th Part VI Jason Lives made me love horror movies.  
(Sharks are still my biggest fear too)
Machete, it's lightweight, durable, silent so as not to draw attention from other zombies, and Jason uses one. It's the perfect weapon.
I didn't mean to call you meat loaf, Jack.
 Batman vs Jason, who wins? You seem to have a serious love for all things zombie, what's your favorite zombie movie? Cthulhu just woke up, worship him or take up arms against the Great Old One? Which section of a Human Centipede would you hate being the most?

- For your first question, Batman! My favorite zombie movie? Probably Shaun of the Dead, it's funny, clever and gots some good gore. Cthulhu? I'd take out the tentacles. And the section I would hate being the most of the Human Centipede would have to be the ass. It's a shitty job.