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Get to know your Bloggers - Halloween Overkill  (from there you can check out my twitter, facebook, and other stuff)
 Actually my favorite cheetos are of the mighty zingers variety, Rajin' Cajun & Tangy Ranch to be speficic!
I just wanted to share some of the crazy stuff that I have collected over the years, including movies, comics, books, toys, and just keep everyone in the know about things that I think are relevant to other Halloween/Horror addicts such as myself
4 Smart-balance bite size pizza thingies (being lactose intolerant limits my breakfast choices haha) - It's all good Jason, I'm a fellow LI, but I just end up taking Lactaid for everything; and usually get sick still
I fucking swear like a fucking sailor!
Wow! Very tough question to answer, first thought is a three way tie.  Freddy for the nostalgia (and I have two very funny stories about Freddy scaring the shit out of me), Jason because well you know, the name really strikes a chord with me!  Finally Michael Myers because Halloween is actually my favorite franchise of all of them!  If I really had to pick one, probably Jason!
90's television shows and Maroon 5 ( I know, what's a hardcore horror fan doing indulging in Maroon 5 right? )
Honestly my all time favorite thing about my blog is reading comments from the readers, a.k.a. ghouls.  Oh and my crayola post is up there too haha.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Zombies, I would have said Vampires but they have totally been glamorized and that just isn't right!
Anything except country, Heavy Metal probably leads the pack though
Orange and Black (In case you haven't noticed I have a hard time picking one favorite of anything!)
Basil Fried Rice from my favorite Thai Restaurant, The Green Mango
Dawn of the Dead (the original) made me the total horror fanatic and cinephile that I am today!
My Jeep (with a few modifications of course) if that doesn't count as a weapon then I'll take a simple metal baseball bat!  Guns run out of ammo, chainsaws run out of gas, and even though the Jeep can run out of gas as well, at least it is mobile and has a little more practical value.  As far as most other sharp weapons, I wouldn't chose them because they have the chance of getting stuck in said zombies and that could be a really bad thing.  Wow, I have given that wayyyyyyy too much thought!
Sorry gotta give you my top 3 again,  Ben Linus - "Because destiny John, is a fickle bitch"  - H.P. Lovecraft  "The most merciful thing in the world... is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents."  -  Yorick Brown (Y-The Last Man) "And By The Way, It's Just Smokey Bear, Not Smokey The Bear. You Wouldn't Say 'Easter The Bunny', Would You?"
I do have some questions for you, your favorite Universal Monster, your top 6 favorite horror films of all time, and would you be down for a guest post or two on my blog? (you don't have to post that last one, haha)

- My favorite universal monster would have to be the Monster off of The Host. That thing is so bad ass! Great movie too.
- My Top favorite horror movies eh? Well I've done so many different lists before like my Top 5 favorite zombies films and The ABC's of Horror but not my top 6 of horror. So... MY top 6 favorite horror movies...this was difficult because horror is such a big category, there's too many damn sub-categories. So in no specific order...
                 1. Shaun of the Dead
                 2. House of 1000 Corpses
                 3. Night of the Living Dead
                 4. Re-Animator
                 5. Nightmare on Elm Street
                 6. Dawn of the Dead (2004)

- And I'm gonna post it anyway, because it's fuckin cool. Yes I would love to guest post. Just give me a subject or date or whatever you want and I'm there...

Okay let's see, the first post I came across on  Halloween Overkillwas a wicked picture of Jason's foot. Did I say wicked I meant horrifying (i'm a foot hater, sorry people) But then I thought, this guy has got a wicked sense of humor and great horror taste as well. And isn't Halloween everyone's favorite holiday? It's mine! (we were Betelgeuse and Lydia last year) So finding someone who has such a fascination with Halloween and Horror is so freakin cool. So come get overloaded with a dose of Halloween Overkill.