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Morbid Zombie Mondays - Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Zombies

How cool is it that Halloween is on a Morbid Zombie Monday! Well we have many plans today, it's a busy busy day.

  • Make the rest of the food for the party
  • Get Costumes together (I'll try and take pictures before the party, while the costumes are fresh)
  • The grueling makeup process for all three of us! Ugh so that's about 2 hours of the day ;)
  • All the while  while listening to our brutal all Rob Zombie playlist (the best Holiday music)
  • Next, off to the annual Halloween Party where things are gonna get crazy!
I'll make sure to take plenty of pictures and maybe some video if something funny happens. I'll also try to get pictures of other costumes I was apart of, like my mother's Flo and Kenna's Greek Goddess. I won't be home later tonight (no drinking and driving for us) so hopefully I'll have all the pictures up by tomorrow or Wednesday.

Check out the cute squash the girls (Nora and Maddi my lil sister who are the same age) decorated. They are so cute. They did such a good job.

Also tomorrow I will announce the November Zombie Love Award winners! 

So I hope that everyone has a Bitchin' Halloween! Have Fun, be safe and let your freak flag fly!

The Chucky Costume!

The Chucky Costume is Finished! Well the costume is other than the grueling 1 hr makeup that is needed on Halloween :)  Just like Tiffany, I started off with a check list:

Chucky Costume
-made in Japan on left wrist
-striped shirt
-red and white shoes
-fake skin for stitching

So we have everything other than the makeup done. And since it's so much makeup, I'm not gonna do it twice, so like all of the others, you'll have to wait till Halloween to see the finished product!

 We started off with a white plastic mask. Painted it flesh tone and started cutting away. The wig was a bitch! It has bobby pins holding it back until Halloween so it doesn't get ruined! But stapling hair to the mask was fun!

We also got these industrial staples to put over the real staples. Yep this costume is going to be bitchin'!!!!!!

Since there isn't much to show you about this costume because so much of it is the makeup, I thought I'd give you a little present...

Astrid in her Costume!!!!!!!!
How fuckin' cute right?

Well I'll see you tomorrow for Halloween!

The Tiffany Costume!

Well I'm done with my Tiffany Costume. It was such a chore, not because it was hard, but because it was mine and I'm picky. But here is everything you need to put together the best Tiffany Costume.

 I first started off with a check list:

Tiffany Costume
-white "wedding" dress
-leather jacket
-lace tights
-black lips
-chucky tattoo
-mole over left side
-black nails

You've seen what I've been doing with the Jacket and Dress, but I have yet to mention everything else that we have done and need to get done. So these are the final touches for Halloween.

Again, I haven't put it all on together so you'll have to wait until Halloween!

I'm still in shock!

I had to wait a whole day before I wrote about Project Runway, I didn't want this post to be filled with 'what the fucks' and 'why?why?why?'. I literally walked away from my TV last night as soon as they called the winner and went and did the dishes. Never before have I been so unimpressed with someone on this show. Anya as a person I'm sure is wonderful and very kind, but as a designer - extremely untalented. I might even have to do a freakin post run with how easy it is to make an Anya dress. Any person who can hold a needle and thread can go to a fabric store. Get a mess of printed fabric. Tie it up at the neck and under the arms. Then hand sew on some ribbing and throw a belt on. The ease of a dress like that is very appealing, but 8 dresses just like it? I'm sure they are thinking of marketability. She has a pretty face, and in fashion... that sells. This season might have been the tipping point for a lot of viewers. I'm not sure if I'll be tuning in next year.

Get to know your Bloggers - The Real Queen of Horror

Crunchy yet occasionally I do like it puffed.
My love for horror movies was getting way too overwhelming just for me. So, why not share it with the world? 

Just toast...not much of a breakfast person. -_-
Oh so clean! WTFrenchTOAST!
Freddy because I love to sleep & at certain time my eyes shut automatically. Plus if anything, I'd probably want to be friend not a victim. :|
Basketball Wives, Bad Girls Club & Jersey Shore! >_> Don't judge me!
The comments I receive! I get all fuzzy inside seeing that people actually care enough to leave me comments.
Night Stalker by Carol Davis Luce...old book BUT awesome!

Drew Smith: Melee. A perfect song, no matter what the time or day.
Its between red & black.
Pepperoni pizza. YUM. :-}
Night of the Demons, the original--I fell in LOVE. It was low budget, yes, with cheesy actors/actresses, YES but it was one of the first horrors that stuck in my mind. I really loved the story line, characters, setting & even the music. I usually adore the movies, no one else cares least the people I know.
Hmmm....I wanna say something cool like a mallet but I'd be dead in like 2 seconds from dragging that thing around & getting sleepy. So, instead I'll keep it simple yet classic, a gun, with infinite bullets. 
A quote that I state on a daily..."Yo, that jacket is tight son! Nah-a-mean?"

- How do YOU like your peanut butter oh so creamy or ch-ch-ch-chunk?
- Favorite horror movie?

Thanks again for wanting to interview me! :) I'd LOVE to interview you! Let me know if you'd be interested! :P

- Peanut butter has got to be creamy for me but my honey likes it crunchy so we have both all the time
- My favorite horror movie is actually not a zombie movie, I would say Teeth or Slither, but my fave zombie movie is Shaun of the Dead
- And Yes I said yes to an interview so you get to see a scary video of me scrambling in front of a camera. eek!

I do have to say I'm loving the rise of video blogs out here and none could be more entertaining than The real queen of horror. Not to mention I haven't read a a review on a movie that I haven't agreed with her yet. That being said, I'm always on the look out on her site for different movies to watch since we seem to have the same taste in movies. Not only is Zena a great reviewer, she is also just a fun girl to listen to! I have always enjoyed the funny ass comments she leaves on my site and others and you just gotta love her style. I couldn't pull off rainbow cheetah print. Plus I still couldn't put myself on video all the time and look as good as she does. (watch you'll see when you see me horrific interview) You have to respect the horror ladies out there telling us what's what. So check out the Real Queen of Horror from the random girl of horror.