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I'm Back; Sorry for the absence. Here's a Harry project...

I've been crafting and documenting the crafting, but I've been MIA for the last couple of days. I've been working on my daughter's Christmas gifts.

Nora if you're reading this... get off the site!

Let's hope someone doesn't get grounded for this

Okay now that that is taken care of let's get on with it...

Nora is a huge Harry Potter fan, owning every book (in paperback and hard cover might I add) and every movie. I'm completely okay with this mostly because I support being a geek :) So I decided to make her a Harry Potter box while I still can (she's getting older here, ahhh!) having everything to do with the wizards. I've been brushing up on the movies and looking up ideas all over the web. It's been fun actually, I might become addicted too!

My first stop is a ButterBeer Mug for her... she has always wanted to try the popular concoction in the book.

Come back tomorrow and I'll show you my version of Butter Beer - Don't miss out, this is awesome!

Morbid Zombie Mondays - Let's do some zombie baking!

Okay so we're not going to really cut up a zombie and make a pie outta him okay? But let's check out some zombie themed bake ware.

Cook with the Vegan Zombie

Get to know your Bloggers - Zombie Mom

Zombie Mom

Hot, hot and hot!!!
I have so much going on in my head all the time I decided I needed to write it down and try to categorize it.
Mostly my language is squeaky clean, but get a couple of beers in me and I swear like a trucker!
Freddy, Michael and Jason all have their special places in my heart.  Each one of them terrified me at one time.
Ummmmm....I love Drag Queens!
Definitely Dead
This is like asking me to pick which child is my favorite...they each have such endearing qualities!
I’m all about the glam rock!  Spandex and sky high hair.  Shout at the Devil, bitches!!
Probably pink in most cases.  I am a girly-girl at heart! 
A big ‘ole cheese hoagie!
I remember watching “Land of the Minotaur” when I was just a young zombie gal.  It was so mysterious and creepy.  I’ve watched it since and just don’t see it, but at the time it terrified me.  
My weapon of choice would be Mr Eric Northman.  I feel no reason to explain further :-)
"But he that dares not grasp the thorn....Should never crave the rose."

No questions, but thank you so much for featuring me!

I just love her header picture! Isn't it great? Simple yet brilliant. Isn't it so nice to see more zombie mom's out there. We're not only the same zombie loving ladies, but we're also loving mothers! As I was just perusing through Zombie Mom's Undead Household tips and Recipes I found myself getting hungry looking through everything. So I might need to cut this short to get something to eat and replicate a dish I just saw. Hehe. She is fun, real and funny. Check it out!