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Missing my black hair

I knew this day would come when all of this hard work to get my hair blonde, then red would soon be over. I'm missing my black hair like crazy right now, and as my red fades away I can't help but glare at my hair as it changes everyday. So once I get the money saved up (yes being unemployed means I now have to save up money for beauty supplies) I'll be changing this.  So... don't be surprised if sometime soon, I'll have a post with new hair again. ugh... how I miss you dark hair

Nora's Harry Potter Present

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Since everyone has seen and watched how everything was made for Nora's big gift, I thought I'd share everything in it one last time. Nora loved it by the way, she said she loved it more than her new iPod, but she might have been saying that just cuz she knew I spent so much time on it. 

What's in the box: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 movie, Quidditch stickers, Nora's personal wand and homemade box, a Gryffindor Scarf, Luna's Spectrespecs, ButterBeer mix in homemade packets, and ButterBeer Mug

Christmas Presents and Pictures!

Christmas was so fun this year, other than the fact that I got sick on Christmas eve. But I'm feeling better today!

We had a very zombie Christmas and look at these beauties!!!! Hell yes! Damn they're gorgeous!

Aren't these cute?

I love my dashboard zombie, I haven't thought of a name yet though. 

And of course Astrid enjoyed playing in the wrapping paper more than her actual gifts.

Bob on the other hand hated his Santa hat and jingle collar. 

A romantic dinner for two

So let me first start off by saying, I planned this romantic dinner with candles all over the house, a nice dinner and  dessert and some umm nudge nudge. Well... Cian got home from work about an hour late, just long enough for our dinner to deflate and separate. Don't get me wrong, it was still tasty as hell, but it was hard to taste as I cried like a child over my deflated dinner - not so romantic like I had planned. The house smelt of burned out candles and my scentsy and I was ready to jump into some sweats and forget the whole night. But Cian, being the sweet man that he is decided to turn my romantic gesture into a whole date night with a movie and flowers and more dessert. Kisses helped too.

Morbid Zombie Mondays - A Very Zombie Holiday

I hope everyone was careful this Holiday Season when the zombies were out. This video is just darling! It's retro (which is so me) and about zombies! Can it get any better?

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, whatever you want to say! Have a good couple of days and get lotz of great things! Here's a little something for you! It's actually going to be on a card in our card store coming soon!

Get to know your Bloggers - Reina

Name: Sabrina but i go by the name Reina, its a nickname i picked out for myself.

Most of the time im on Facebook, youtube, blogger, myspace, and gaiaonline. These are the sites that i visit everyday. The link to my facebook is on my Blog page on the right hand side
omg i love me some cheetos , i like them crunchy , twisted , and puffy, i dont like any spicy snack foods.
My inspiration for my blog was that i wanted to document my day to day life so i wouldn't forget anything important that happened in my life. I also want to write about things that catch my fancy
Today which is Sunday nov  20, i had cinnamon eggo waffles, two pieces of bacon and one piece of pork roll..yummy
hmm ah i swear like a sailor when im at home lol
Always have to go with freddy , i mean come on he has Knives for fingers how cool is that!
 My guilty pleasure ...thats a hard one , but i know i have one lets see...standing under the hot water of a shower for a long time o.0..
The Insanity Theme of my blog, I want to make my blog so unique and crazy that it'll make people go insane ehehe
The Insanity Theme of my blog, I want to make my blog so unique and crazy that it'll make people go insane ehehe
i dont eat jelly bellys lol
Vampires hands down , no if ands or buts. Vampires are the rulers of the monster world
my favorite kind of music is Rock, and dance music
My favorite color is blue
i dont think i watched a movie that really changed my life , but i've seen plenty that really inspired me
Omgosh this question is awesome, ok my weapon of choice would beeee....a long sword so i could hack and slash my way through the zombies and be all bad ass and cool looking. Plus swords dont run out of bullets ;)
"walk through life letting your true personality shine"

1) what inspires you 

2) whats your favorite holiday

3) do you have any pets

4) do you believe in ghosts  and have you encountered any

1) My Family inspires me, they're all so wonderfully supportive. Also my surroundings and Seattle:)
2) My favorite Holiday is Halloween just because I can dress up like my favorite horror characters and decorate my house with creepy stuff
3) I do, I have my beautiful baby Astrid {who is a cat, but has no idea} and we also have a fire-bellied newt, Theo that is over ten years old, he's way past his expiration date.
4) I don't really believe in ghosts truthfully, but we did try to go ghost hunting when we were younger at the Baby Graves.