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Music Video Month

Now that the Holidays are officially over I'm getting back into my funk again, no more cutesy crafts taking up every post and enveloping the entire blog (at least not everyday) . So I'm going to talk about something that I still treasure to this day, music videos. Back in the 80's, 90's and early 00's music videos used to rank supreme. Remember when watching Beavis and Butthead was also about watching music videos? Remember when MTV stood for Music Television? Today, most music channels are used for dumb ass reality TV shows about knocked up teenagers and people who should be euthanized for their complete ignorance and stupidity, cough, Jersey Shore, cough. Thankfully, Youtube has given us a little glimpse back in time to those wonderful days filled with claymation, animation, and just plain kick-ass videos. So I just wanted to remind everyone of one of those simple little pleasures in life, the music video.
Now when I say music videos, there are a lot of people who look at my age or look at the music today and say, what do you know? Well I know that a good music video doesn't have to have a chick spraying whipped cream from her titties while she screams like a banshee, or have some synchronized dance moves while the singer jiggles her fat ass in front of the camera. No I'm talking about the good stuff here. Good music, good visuals and just plain good ol' fun.
All people have certain favorites when it comes to music and I'm no exception. I like MY music, not what people tell me is hip on the radio. The same goes for music videos. There are some artists where I am a little biased when it comes to their videos, so be warned. Like for example, I love every Tool video and Primus video I have ever seen. Is it because I just love the music so much or are they all really that good? It doesn't really matter does it? A good music video should make you feel something when you watch it. It should bring up a memory or widen your eyes more or make you feel like just for a second, you have been affected by this in some way.

So without further ado, I here now mark this month as Music Video Month! All January I will be sharing some of my favorite videos and some of the videos, time and some of you have forgotten. And, at the end of the month, I will debut my top 10 favorite music videos of all time. Mark it on your calendars - that's Tuesday January 31st. I will say this, these are my favorites, not the populous' favorites - so there will be no Katy Perry or Rihanna up in here, sorry. Some videos will be sorted into categories, some days dedicated to just one artist.

So for today we will start off with some Foo Fighters: White Limo
Apparently they spent all of their budget on getting Lemmy to star in this video so they had to go cheap on the video and extras. This seems to do them better because of the home video feel and a lil taste of Mrs. Grohl. I think it's just brilliant and fun. Enjoy,


  1. I havent watched me a good music video in quite a while. :P

  2. Video Killed The Radio Star was in heavy rotation first time I watched MTV and I think, when they did the first hip-hop/rap song was when I last watched it. I do check out YouTube now and again for videos of songs I like but not too often.

    I do adore the Foo Fighters and haven't seen this video, so thanks!

    (I did make it a point to find their "Hot Buns" video. I'm such a perv!)

  3. I liked "old" MTV.... I responded to your " get to know Your Bloggers"... Thank you and I hope it is up to your standards .... I don't have much and am barely making it by ... but I AM still making it an will continue if for no other reason than to spite those who wish to see me "FAIL"... Take care "Random Girl"
    ....the Doctor
    ps posted some "zombie" animated shorts... Enjoy


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