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I'm back!!!

Hello all! Well I'm finally back on the web after almost a MONTH! We are moved into the new house and I finally got our internet hooked up. I have a confession, I have been cheating on the blog with my new yard lol! This is my first 'real' yard so I've been having too much fun cleaning it up and getting crazy with it. But don't worry, I'll be sharing some of my latest projects with you all soon.

Moving was quite the workload. My best friend from high school, Kiah and her brother helped out as well as my parents, so we had a nice work force. Which I am so grateful for! But it took a long time! You never realize how much crap you can shove into a little apartment until you have to move it all out. But we had fun getting everything ready for the new house. Astrid had more fun with the empty boxes! I couldn't bring myself to taking them away from her.

But we are finally moved in, I mean I actually have pictures hanging in my living room! I have half-started so many projects while cleaning and fixing up the rooms that I have to get into super blogger mode and get to typing and get back to our regular scheduled posts.

So here's to getting back on track! Thank you to all who have stopped by while I was away! Cheers!


  1. YAY!! Glad to see you back! :D

  2. Yay! You're back! Congrats on the new home. That's very exciting. :)

  3. A yard! Oh, lucky gal! Have fun and play. We don't mind you cheating on us with the yard, but you might consider a 3-way. I do so miss gardening.

  4. Awesome, the move went smooth. I am looking forward to having a yard to play with again. Right now we are renting and will be moving in October. I'm not looking forward to packing so I might be making a trip or two to Goodwill to get rid of the crap we are not using.

    1. I am in love with having a yard! So much work though!!!


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