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Wedding Wednesdays meets May Monster Madness

Usually I would post something about my upcoming nuptials, but it's May Monster Madness right now and I wanted to bring the two together today. I've always been a huge fan of the Bride of Frankenstein, there is really something so romantic and sad about the tale that makes it so interesting. There is something about her iconic hair and the color scheme that always get's paired with the two. Here's to the best monster bride!

If you wanted to do a Frankenstein Monster wedding, I'm sure it would be pretty easy.

The Dress: This dress is actually from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein with Robert DeNiro, but it's still gorgeous and not too simple.
 There is so much costume jewelry out there, you are bound to find something you love that is in the theme.
 Don't forget your cake topper! This is just gorgeous!
Don't forget all of your BOF themed food!

 And yes, there are even BOF plates!


  1. Awesome ideas. I love the cake topper, so cool.

  2. Gotta say, a Frankenstein monster wedding would be awesome! :D

  3. I love Bride of Frankenstein. I agree with Zombie, a Frankenstein monster wedding would be totally bad ass.

  4. Those cake pops are too cute!

  5. Oh, this post is totally adorable! I love all the Bride of Frankenstein edibles, and that plate is awesome!!!


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