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13 chills Season 3. Check it out!

Hey guys! I wanted to share something really cool with you. You need to check out 13 Chills , 13 memorable moments in horror movie music. Each installment features the story of the brilliant score from a cherished horror movie and a bio on the composer responsible. But not just that. Each page also has music clips of a unforgettable song from the score, like "window watching" from Fright Night, that alone is enough to make me wanna pop the movie in.

Did I mention there is a prize in each installment? Heck yes there is! Check out today's installment which features the movie Sisters, number 4 of season 3.

Why are you still here? Go now!!!!!


  1. i love you... like a sister! thank you!

    1. Awe thanks, and dido, except brotherly hahaha! I love letting peopple know of all your cool stuff!


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