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Bathroom shelf fix

This was our ugly bathroom shelf. Doesn't it just look like someone put one of those $20 shelves on a wall? Yeah... So I needed a way to store all of our crap in it without it looking like this. This just looks trashy! So I decided to make curtains to cover up this mess.
First, I drilled a hole where I wanted to hang the bar.
I didn't have and hooks so I made my own out of paperclips. Gotta be resourceful, that's how I roll.
I hot glued around the hook and quickly stuck it in the drilled hole. It stuck perfectly.
The bar, I have no idea where I got it from, but I had it around. I made the curtains and just sewed a loop for the bar to slip through.
After the bar was threaded through the curtains, I added wooden pegs on the ends to prevent slippage.

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  1. I love it. These curtains if I find them or find a similar one would look great with the Hawaiian paradise vanity units concept.


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