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Bottlecap Barrettes

I was so sad when all of my pictures were erased, I couldn't get any of them back!!! Tutorials were lost, this is one of those tutorials. So I had to retake a bunch of pictures, though not as thorough as before.

 For the bottlecaps, just take a pair of pliers and bend at the little notch. It's the thinnest part and bends the best for the most consistent outcome.
 Continue all the way around making sure to bend at the same part of the cap each time.
 Ta da! It's not perfect but it's just a demo. I didn't take pictures for everything, so again, bear with me. Put a little glue on the inside of the cap and insert your picture. To finish it off, you can top that with Mod Podge like I did. Then make your bows to attach your bottlecaps to.

You can either attach your picture to the inside or outside of the cap, I tried both!
 As you can see, I made all different kinds of bows. These are going to be so much fun to wear! Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did! Here's so extra pics for you all!


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