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CAKE record stands

What you need:
-Old Records
-Candle holder or something else to use as stand
-Mod Podge
-Hot Glue
-Album cover

I love the idea of record cake stands, but I just couldn't stop thinking of making CAKE stands. So I easily just copied my album covers and made them into a circle to fit. Cut it out and glue it to an old record. I have a bunch of old records I've gotten from thrift stores that I keep around just for crafts.

Mod Podge or use a sealant over the label so it doesn't get ruined when you use it, obviously. I chose to seal the whole thing just because I didn't want anything to get into the grooves of the record, food, germs, yuck!

I attached a cool candle holder to the bottom because it matched the album cover so well. I used hot glue to attach it and then sealed it with E6000.
I decided to make a couple more for the party I was throwing and thankfully because I used every single one of them. I love them and they're a great addition to our kitchen!

They might look familiar from my little sister's baby shower, don't they look great!


  1. I like this idea! I wonder if I could find some of those old colored records they had for kids. Wouldn't red be great for Christmas?

    1. awesome idea! I haven't seen one of those is ages though! I'll have to keep an eye out though


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