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Get to know your bloggers ~ Me, Random Girl, Brit!!!

Oh yeah, it's my time to answer some questions!

 I'd have to say The Jerk! I laugh no matter what "He HATES THESE CANS!" hahah holy shit that's funny!
 It's a three way tie! It's a Wonderful Life (Jimmy Stuart is the best), Reservoir Dogs and Bride of Frankenstein
 I have a serious fear of Sharks! It's impractical I know, but I'm even scared to go swimming in the river, cuz you know I'll be the first bitch that got attacked and killed by a fresh water shark hahaha
 Weird answering it about myself but, probably an ordinary apple... that's too sour inside
 I took my closet doors off so those damn monsters would stop messing with them!
 My favorite blog to read every morning is
 I'm only putting this one out there because it won't get out of my head! Maybe it can get stuck in someone else's today:
(the singer might look a little familiar, he's Jorma Taccone's brother)
 To make some $$$$, no just kidding. I just want people to want to read it, even if they don't know what the latest post is. Someone wakes up in the morning and just opens the site, just because they wanna see what I've done today. That's pretty cool.
 Turkey and Pickle, that's it.
 CANCER baby!
 I love me that gorgeous Red head! Go Conan!
My childhood hero was always my mama growing up, but I had a slightly odd obsession with Julia Roberts, she was like a god to me.


  1. okay lady you had me at hello...

    you and i share so many things, we were totally suppose to meet "the jerk" was the selling point for me... i know that was your first response, but i loved that movie... i could tell it line for line. it was the first r-rated movie my mother took me too. she had no idea, what it contained...

    you have a very heart warming way about yourself covered in a artistic black... not blackness. i hope that came off as a nice thing, it was meant to be.

    you are the best and thank you for being you and stopping by my crazy...

    1. Awe thank you! The Jerk is the best movie ever!!!! And I do take that as a compliment :)

  2. I love reading your blog so job well done, you've completed your blogs goal. If only I had some moneys to give you =)

    1. hahaha, there isn't enough money in the world to go around. Thank you for actually reading my blog as often as you do, warms my heart ;)


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