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Our Couch Remodel

There wasn't really anything wrong with our couch to begin with, but I hated the color of the wood and it didn't go with the rest of the wood in the living room. Plus, i wanted to try out my new little "wood stain".
I wanted to darken the wood but I was sadly out of wood stain. So I remembered you can tint just about anything with Mod Podge and a little paint.
This is how it looked while it was still wet. I didn't have much hope at all.
But once it dried it was perfect! It's a light espresso in the sunshine but in normal indoor light it's nice and dark, just like I wanted.
Here's the side, the flash makes it super light.
I wanted to make the pillows for the couch match our paintings around the living room because I am just IN LOVE with my Leonetto Cappiello paintings (and the one Van Gogh). There is a certain color palette going on so I wanted to highlight it. Mostly that gorgeous mustard yellow, the solid green and the little touches of red.
I went super easy with the pillows though. I made two Velcro closable pillows.
And to mix it up I did make one button pillow, but still finished it off with Velcro.
And that's how it turned out. Not a huge improvement but still a nice change to tie in the whole room.


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