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Pringle Can Candles

What you need:
Pringle Cans
Wax (old candles)
Essential Oils

I've had this drawer in my craft area for quite some time. It's labeled candles. Every time a candle runs out and has left over wax I keep it here. Old candles, broken, whatever just for this occasion. 
Melt you wax down over medium heat, making sure not to burn it. Get ready to pour. 
Pringle cans work perfectly because they are tall, perfect for pillar candles and they tear away really nicely. 

Since these candle are just for decoration I just used a mock wick no longer than a couple inches deep just to give the look of a candle.

These take forever to cool just to let you know. Mine took about 6 hours. But once they are cool enough to unwrap you just find the seam in the can and tear it along.
I've never had a problem with removing them, but if you do, put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes.
Ta da! I love these because they are so fun and rustic looking.


  1. But what if I wanted to use them?
    How would that work?

    Super COOL idea!

    1. If you want to use the actual candle all you would have to do is attach the bottom of the wick with hot glue and needle nose pliers :)

  2. I really love these, I think I'm going to make some this weekend if I can find enough scrap candles. Nice job =)


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