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What do you have planned for today?

Usually Halloween is a huge deal for us, but this year hasn't seemed to much like Halloween. Maybe it's the Hurricane (our thoughts are with the families affected by Sandy), or maybe it's the low funds, but something is just missing. We aren't doing costumes, except our daughter. We didn't decorate. We aren't going to a party. But we are gonna have a horror movie marathon and sit around, get sauced and hand out candy. We are usually never home to hand out candy.

What are you doing today?


  1. we are hiding... watching the musicals... repo man: genetic opera, sweeney todd... little shop of horrors...

    it's not about what you do, it's who you spend it with... so in spirit i am with you as your friends and family are...

  2. Happy Halloween, sometimes a stack of movies and good company is all you need to have a good time. Hope you have a good one! Enjoy giving out sweets!!!

  3. Going to my son and his fiancee's house. They get about 40-60 kids and I get like 2 in my apartment complex. Should be fun. I used to live a few streets down when I was married and my house was so popular for the over the top set up that I'm sure when I got divorced, the kids were heartbroken. I will likely see the same ones this year.

  4. We went trick or treating... in Mall-pocalypse.... Please read the blog later for more details....

    Sandy was a BITC-you know what... But we are all safe up by me. Had a 3 day paid leave from work and Emry still is out of school.....


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