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52 Things I Love About You tutorial

What you need:
- A deck of cards
- rings (maybe binder rings)
- paper
- glue
- scissors 
- something for the cover (I used cardboard)

These are everywhere right now, but I just had to make one. I loved the idea so much and I thought maybe my honey would appreciate it. It's such a sweet gesture and it even meant a lot while I was putting it together. 

 The hardest part is actually writing down the 52 things. I love my honey more than anything, but it isn't as easy as you think to think of why you love them so much. I had a lot of fun picking my 52. Once you have them printed out the size you want, cut them out.

There are a couple of things you need to think about; the position of the cards, which side do you want to be the facing side? Where are you going to place your 52 things on the card. Figure these out before you start punching holes in the cards.

 I found these two solid plastic rings, no idea what they're for, but I know I could use them. To open them up I just simply took a pair of pliers to them and cut a slit in each ring.
 Here is another tedious task, hole punching each card. I did 3 at a time, laying a guide on top to make sure they all lined up.
 Then just loop them all through.
 Now just paste your 52 things to each card in order. I decided to use the back of the cards as the background for each card instead of using the faces.
 For the cover I just cut out two pieces of cardboard and put my cover on it, easy.
And this is how it turned out. Not extremely fancy, but its clean.


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    1. Most of the icons are just from google :) the rest are from a free CraftArtist program that you can download.


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