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Democratic voter and damn proud of it!

This is the first election I have completely followed and voted. I'm so happy for the outcome and proud of WA State!

A couple of groundbreaking things happened tonight that I want to proudly announce:
-Washington State became one of the first states to Legalize Marijuana!
-WA state approved Gay Marriage

Way to go voters, keep voting for what you think is right!


  1. Votin' is bad. tis a bad ting. I know dis cuz I am anarchist.

  2. Here Here! So glad I voted last night... helped us not get that creepy Romney in office... that guy freaked me out... seemed like an android or something... Just NOT human

    1. He was super creepy. Who wants a president who is such a stiff? He kind of looked like he was ready to pop at any second and gun down the place


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