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Halloween pics

Halloween was pretty fun this year! We drank, and drank and then drank some more. But no party or loud crowds. We kept it small and full of booze. It was a pretty fun time. I wasn't originally going to dress up, but I was working on my daughter's costume and I was having so much fun with the spray blood I won over at Retro-Zombie that I decided to make a simple costume for myself. But let's get to everyone else first...

My niece Elora was a doll in her Cinderella costume I made her, of course she had to dress for the chilly weather after a while.

My darling mama was Minnie Mouse.

My dad was... I don't know, but it was hella funny (especially after a few drinks)

Nora was a zombie hippie.. her choice :)

I was a bullet shot victim, my lil sister Maddi was a lil devil and Nora was of course the zombie hippie. What a crowd!

Astrid got a Halloween sweater from her Aunt Kiah, thanks Kiah!!!


  1. Amazing...if not a little disturbingly funny costumes!!! I love the cat jumper too. Glad you had a good Halloween

  2. It seemed like you guys had way too much fun! LOL! I'm always happy to see people enjoying Halloween!

  3. Omg my eyes look like Devil eyes!! Haha


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