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Happy 50th Anthony!

Happy Birthday to one of the most influential artists in my life! Anthony Kiedis is turning the big 5-0 today and I'm almost overcome with tears just sitting here listening to The Red Hot Chili Peppers. So much of my childhood, between years and teenage years comes flashing back when I hear Anthony's voice. Whether it's dancing in the living room with my dad at 5 years old to "Give it Away" or sitting in my room listening to "By the Way" for the first time when it came out, so much of my life seems to be soundtracked by the RHCP. "By the Way", that album got me through a lot of times and is still to this day one of my favorite albums.

I cannot explain to you the amount of emotion that comes to me every time I listen to them, it's almost too much! Maybe it's the flood of Minor cords or just the ease of their music, it speaks to me more than any other band can. Earlier this year I watched them get inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and I was sitting on my couch, weeping like a child. I don't know if I was just so happy to see this big accomplishment, pride in them or because I love them so much, but seriously, I was crying! How funny right? But, it only shows me how much their music has influenced and impacted my life.

So today, I ask you all to join me in listening to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I will be listening to all 10 of their records today all day long  as well as watching my DVD of music videos (a present from my lovely fiance) and probably shedding a tear or two.

Here's my 2 favorite music videos:
Soul to Squeeze

Around the World
I know you saw this one in my all time favorite videos, it's sexy and wonderful!

Here's their newest Music videos, still rocking it after 35 years!


  1. i have not heard anything from them in years... in my defense i went all country...

    wow, that is not true. though i just don't care for music, now scores is different.

    happy day!

  2. Happy Birthday, Anthony! I love the Chili Peppers and remember seeing them here in Chicago at the Cubby Bear, The Aragon and other small clubs when I was in college before they broke really big. They are an amazing group.

    I know how you feel about their music. My own personal soundtrack band is Aerosmith. I get all emotional hearing them and have seen them 7 times in concert.

  3. Sorry, I'm a big Mr. Bungle fan, so I gotta him the boid! You suck Keidis. Peppers suck! Patton's gonna mutate America!


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