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Nitebyrd's Nest - Get a little something awesome for yourself!

Today I'm going to be doing a little shout out for my first Sponsor ever, Nitebyrd. Not because I'm in contract to, but because I think her shop is so freaking cool! I even have a Christmas gift picked out for someone from her shop :)

I know I've talked about these before, but every time I look at my little Zombie Troll, I just melt! For some reason the combination on these nostalgic toys and zombies = Genius to me. I couldn't think of a better toy to be zombified. Get one here! I just think everyone should have these!

How about a Peace Love Zombies Christmas Ornament? Adorable right? Get it here!


  1. I agree with you about her shop!! I bought a wonderful present for my daughter from here a while back.. I need to order another!!


  2. WOW! I've been so darn busy working and trying to take pictures of stuff for my shop, I haven't been 'round my favorite blogs much lately. Thanks so much for the pimping and lovely compliments! You know you're my favorite zombie girl!


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