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Step into our Office

I've been slacking lately and I apologize. It's been a while since I told you guys I'd give you a little tour of the little places in our home that I love the most. Enter, our office. This is where I do most of my blogging and writing or just come to hang out and read a book.

Image heavy post

I'll just show you some of my favorite things :) First up we have I guess a little rocker shelf, with my Kurts, Beavis and Toki jammin out.

To the first corner we have some clowns and what not. This was completely a coincidence at first. We have everything on the shelves without thinking they were mostly clowns. Once we realized it we added the coke clown and some more clown shit.

I Love my Captain Spaulding, the other one I'm not sure what he's from but he's creepy.

I had to buy this Joker bobble-head when it first came out when I saw it in person. It's so incredibly detailed for a bobble-head and come one, it's the Joker. Love that Joker!

Now the Coke Clown. I'll let you guess why he's named that, it was when I was younger and stupid, but I couldn't bring myself to letting him go.

This is I guess the Star Wars corner.

I love our Matt Busch Star Wars Zombie prints. How much better does it get?

We have a little collage of action  figures here. We both have a love for gruesome and detailed toys.

Here is the Zombie corner. I still need to find a nice frame so we can frame our book, Zombtivities right over this shelf.

Here's a close up so you can see my Bub in the back and the badass Shawn.

And last we have my crayon art and a bitchin' Mars Volta poster


  1. Cool Office!

    When I get a bigger house, I want an office/study....

    One day!

  2. That clown you say you're unsure of is from one of the McFarlane Spawn sets, I forget which one. Great office, I could definitely see myself working in there.

    1. that would make sense with Cian being the owner of the clown :) We have a couple Spawn figures everywhere around the house.


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