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What have I been doing?

Painting cupcakes, that's what! No I just did that today. I've mostly been working on catching up from everything, daughter's birthday, Fiance's birthday, the elections, new state laws, family in town, Thanks giving coming up; we've been busy. But I'm super excited for Thanksgiving this year because... it's at our house :) We will be having thanksgiving out our place this year, it's the first Thanksgiving put on by one of the grandchildren (yes I'm in the second to latest generation). Which means fun Thanksgiving crafts to keep me busy till Christmas.

Can I tell you, I can't wait till Christmas! We have so many new decorations and A HOUSE to put them on and in! Plus I have so many Christmas crafts this year, I'm planning on making A LOT of homemade gifts. I want to start making Christmas gifts now!!! But I need to start with Thanksgiving... This is gonna be a busy end of the year!

My MOH Kiah picked this up at Joannes for like $1, I love cupcakes! She also bought one for her and her daughter, we had some fun.

Then we found this betta tank at PetCo... how cool right? A bat-cave fish tank! It was $20 though, so I'm putting this on my to-do list. I'm gonna make one of these. I don't know how yet, but I know I'm gonna make one.

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