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Christmas Gift idea: 3 ingredient Lip Balm Tutorial

I've been wanting to make lip Balm for some time now because I always thought it would be a great gift. So I found the recipe with the least amount of additives and what not. Actually, it's the easiest recipe ever. This is also a great craft to do with your child, it's not to dangerous or difficult.

What you need:
-Glass measuring cup
-Containers for the Lip Balm

-Petroleum Jelly
-Kool Aid in the flavors you want (or any other granulated drink mix)

I decided to use paint containers for the little girls because I thought it would be cute. To do this make sure you clean them out good, I soaked mine over night just to make sure.

These awesome little containers I got from my best friend Kiah, she found them for me! Awesome!

The best method I've found is to do the double boiler method. Use a pot, put 2 inches of water in it and melt the Petroleum in a glass measuring cup over med-high heat.

 You can tell when it's ready to add stuff when it's thin like syrup. It will be almost clear.
Add in your sweetener here so it is sure to break down enough. You'll have to taste test yourself.
 Once your sweetener is in, add your Kool-Aid mix and stir stir stir. One thing I'll tell you is that the colors don't come out like you'd hope they would. But the taste is still there, which is all that matters to me. I poured mine into a different container to pour in because the spout is better.

I used Cherry, Mango, Blue Raspberry and Lemonade
 Fill up your containers! Leave enough room for any closures.
Let set. Each color needs about 30 minutes to fully set.
 Then you can close them up and decorate how you want.

 I printed out little fruit so you can tell what flavors they are since they're gifts.
I made labels for mine as well, just have fun with it. 


  1. I love this.
    Now with the Koolaid... does it stain your lips?

    Just thinking ahead...

    What about like peppermint extract or flavored clear extracts... would that work too?

    I love your crafts!

    1. Nope, it will not stain. most of the color isn't even absorbed into the lip balm, but all of the flavor is! Extracts would work I'm sure, probably even better for taste

  2. Very cool idea! I love my flavored lip balm.


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