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Dollar store Haul

So I didn't get that many things at the dollar tree but it was still enough to talk about :)

First off, I got these awesome holiday cupcake window clings! I love them! Peppermint goodie bags for people and a 1/4 pound peanut butter cup for my honey.

 Note: The clings also stick to the fridge! So now the non-holiday ones will forever be on the fridge. The others I put on the front door all cute like :)

They also had a HorrorBucket everything in it 2 for $1, leftovers from Halloween. Score! 

I got myself a Dracula guy and a werewolf finger puppet!


  1. Nice finds! I love the cupcakes.

  2. I hope my dollar tree has those window clings!!! I always see those monster finger puppets. I am VERY surprised they have those there because those are the real deal by Universal. Awesome finds! What are you going to put in the peppermint candy bags hmmmmmm????

    1. I'll be putting some yummies I'm planning on making, not sure yet. Maybe Holiday Potpourri, cookies or candies. I haven't decided!


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