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Morbid Zombie Mondays ~ A very Zombie Christmas

Need some zombie present ideas? Well you've come to the right place! I've got the perfect gifts for that zombie fan, for I am one myself. Let's get started!

You want a toy you say? Got em!
How about these awesome undead Finger puppets?

Or remember this guy from the Walking Dead, the well? Pretty Bitchin'

You want something in the book category huh? I have just the thing! How about a copy of my Zombie coloring book?
Zombtivities! Available on Amazon or Createspace. Look to your left for the discount code!

Want a good read? Get the Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse!

How about your car or your feet, are they in need of some zombie attention? Got you covered.
Get this awesome zombie dashboard bobblehead! We have one, you might remember, his name is Spencer and he rocks along with me in the car every day!

Or cozy up your feet with these Zombie slippers

What haven't I covered?
Well here's that zombie cookie jar (I still don't have dammit) and is so much fun!

Or an awesome zombie lunchbox!


  1. I have two of those finger puppets! But I'd really love to have everything else on that list, especially the bobble head!


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