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Welcome Pickles! Welcome Alisen

It's been a busy week. My little sister gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Alisen Marie. 7lbs 1oz, 18inches. She's a doll!

We also got a new addition, Say hi to the newest baby to join our household! Pickles! She was a early Christmas present from my parents. Thank you so much guys!!!!! I've been wanting a Jack Russel since I was a little girl. We've always had them in the family so it was natural for me to want one because I know to handle such a little dog with such a big personality. I cried when they surprised me with her, she is just perfect.

She got spoiled the first day with us with a trip to Petco with her aunt Kiah. She got her toys, snacks, a bed and a freaking cute ass sweater. She is definitely a girly girl. My little princess puppy for sure.

So welcome to the family Pickles! 


  1. Congrats on both! Pickles...*giggles* what a adorable name!

    1. Thanx :) We actually named her after Pickles the Drummer from Dethklok, it's Cian's favorite character. Mine's Nathan Explosion, so you know what our next animals is gonna be lol


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