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Sad day.

I'm not looking for sympathy here, just telling you how it went down. So, a couple of days ago...We received word from our Realtor that an inspection needed to be done this week. It doesn't seem like too big a deal, but we just put down some earnest money out of pocket and paid rent on our apartment we already live in. We didn't have the money to cover it. Swimming in payday loans, gifts and stringed along hopes, we realized we couldn't get the money to pay this one little thing that had to be done. The real problem was the fact that our Realtor didn't tell us that this needed to be done until we only had a couple of days left, instead before, during or right after we were signing the paper work.

In a moment, we both felt the same tug of regret and hopelessness when thinking about the impossible inspection. We just couldn't do it. Cian looked at me and asked "well, what do you wanna do?" Rather than be strong for the both of us and our daughter, I simply said, "nothing,we don't have a choice." He sat there for a bit staring blankly as I tried to look away from him and keep my eyes occupied. So he came over to the chair I was sitting in, looked at me and said "I'm sorry" then sat on the floor laying his head on my lap like a defeated puppy. Now I'll be the first to tell you that I'm a crier. If things upset me, I cry, it's as simple as that. But I didn't start crying, I just sat there stroking his hair spacing off about our no longer future house.

It wasn't until I had to bring my self to text my mother and tell her everything fell through. I tried to be nonchalant about it at first, but of course she saw through that. But as I was typing failure in a text to mom, a whole flood of tears started pouring out of my eyes. Cian started looking for other rentals on the internet as I snuck upstairs to our bedroom. I sat down on the bed, got myself a little numb and then pulled my hood over my head and lay face down on my pillow. I stayed in that position for a while, even through the knocks on the door by my daughter and passing by in the hallway. I just laid there listening to Cian tell our daughter that it wasn't going to happen through the vent.

 I texted back and forth to my mother a couple times more and returned back to position one to continue my crying. I would have stayed there all night and fell asleep like that, that's how I liked it, to be able to cry. But since Cian hated to see me upset, he came upstairs and tried to console me and get me to smile. This in turn just pissed me off, I yelled at him to "just let me be upset!" and to stop making me feel bad for crying. But he won in the end. I got tired of him trying to console me, it annoyed me. So I wiped away my tears, took a smoke break and went back down stairs to be mad instead. I threw things like an child while making myself a snack, I bitched about the house being all packed up and that I wasn't going to unpack anything and I sat down and watched some TV, numb. Cian went and got me a drink, which made me a little happier and sat there with me until I was ready to go to bed.

It was around one when we decided to head upstairs, even though Cian had to work in 5 hours. We laid down to bed and Astrid came and tried to console us. She ended up sleeping between us under the covers, something she hasn't done since she was a kitten. I woke up this morning, lost. I'm still upset of the what could have been and the thought that all of our plans for the next couple of years have changed. No more talk of babies in the near future, no marriage, so many things are put back on the back burner just with this one misstep. So I'm going to take some time off from the world and friends due to my defeat. I have no idea where to go from here, I might look for a job, even though I don't want to. I still have some posts lined up already so you guys won't get bored. Enjoy

Music Video Month - My Top 10!!!!!

Here it is, my top ten favorite music videos in no specific order. 

Tool ~ Prison Sex
Another Claymated masterpiece and was directed my Adam Jones himself. This video is one of those that makes you feel something every time you watch it. Sometimes you feel dirty, sometimes removed or inspired.  It's so artsy and dark, but my favorite part is the cute little white guy you almost feel sorry for. Plus the song is just fuckin' bitchin'

NIN ~ Closer
I remember when MTV took this off the air because it was too offensive. I think it's still one of the most original and beautifully dark videos I have ever seen. But you know what? I miss the crack skinny Trent Reznor in this video, now he's all body builder big. 

Primus ~ Mr. Krinkle
I love this video. It took a while to do it in one take and I appreciate the hard work. Plus, Les Claypool freaks my daughter out in the pig costume and I think that's funny. I've seen this video probably more than the rest on the list due to having all of Primus' videos on DVD, but this is the best.

RHCP ~ Around the World
Oh how I love this song and video so much! Is it because I love to watch Anthony dance in and out of a spectre lady or because he is the only song writer to make ding dang dong dang sound like poetry in this gem of a song? It might be because he has his shirt off the whole time or because it's just a badass video. 

Tom Petty ~ Don't come around here no more
This one is pretty obvious why it's one of my favorites. It's an awesome portrayal of Alice in Wonderland (before it was cool) and the part with the cake sticks in my head and makes me all fuzzy inside. 

STP ~ Sour Girl
Is there anything better than watching Scott's skeletal body twist and grind? I think not. Other than him being one of my favorite performers for his flamboyant dancing he is one of my favorite voices out there. STP was on top in the grunge era and still is when it comes to my iPod. Scott is always changing his voice or style of music, we just bought his Christmas album ;) This video has a lot of my favorite drugged out Weiland. Plus SMG is a cutie. 

Fat Boy Slim ~Weapon of Choice
Let's face it, Christopher Walken dancing for 3 minutes is just pure magic. We are HUGE Christopher Walken fans here, Cian even does a great impression. You just couldn't get anyone better. 

Talking Heads ~ Once in a Lifetime
Same as it ever was! Enough said!

Pearl Jam ~ Jeremy
This song brings back so many memories, it was the first song my dad let me sing the word "FUCK" as loud as I wanted as long as I sang the rest of the song. I love Eddie's facial expressions in each cut away, it's brilliant. And there is just something about his look at 3:48 that just gives me this grin on my face. 

Tool ~ ├ćnema
Is this not just a cool fucking video? It's almost like watching a little short and it's so impressively done. Plus I love the song for it's strong lyrics about these dumb-founded dipshits, they aren't too keen on Scientology or any religion for that matter. This is yet another stop-motion video directed by 'the' Adam Jones beautifully picturing the extremely powerful song. 

Fun with Horror has moved.

Fun with Horror has moved to wordpress and has to have followers re-follow through Google connect. So if you were a follower or a newbie, follow along and check it out!

New setup!

So I'm done with the construction on the blog, it didn't take too long once I had all of the pics and buttons done. You may notice a couple new things and a few updated things like the MZM button and the everything zombie button. They do the same good 'ol stuff, just look better. Below that is a button for our shop, check it out when you get a chance. Then we have some advertising buttons, I know, I know, Britnie you're selling out. Yep. Gotta make money somewhere, I'm buying a house here people! Hahaha. Anyway, if you're a follower you get your ad time doubled for no extra cost, so if you're looking for some extra advertising, check it out. You can click on a button or just go to Advertise at the top. Then you go down a few and see our Facebook page, Like us!

Now I've added a few extra tabs at the top. Our House is coming soon, until we move into our new house. This will hold each rooms before and after statuses. Advertise, we went over that one, tell your friends! Cian's Art will house all of the beautiful art that Cian has done, also coming soon due to the fact that I have to scan in hundreds of prints and sketches. And last we have Awards, where I put all of the nifty awards all of you have bestowed upon me. You will also notice if you click on Projects or Recipes that I have neatly organized them by category and pretty pictures, I'm getting into the groove of trying to be more organized.

So now we are done with the tour. I hope you all like it here still and warm up to the new layout. I'll see you tomorrow with my top 10 Favorite music videos to end the month off!

Morbid Zombie Mondays - Zombie Videos

Since this is the last Morbid Zombie Monday of the month I'm just going to put a bunch of zombie related videos on here for ya'll. If you're looking for me to add on Thriller, don't hold your breath, not an MJ fan.

Iggy Pop & Peaches ~ Kick it
Let's see here, It's Iggy Pop dancing and kicking zombie ass! It's had my vote from day 1!

Wednesday 13 ~ I walked with a zombie
While I'm not a fan of the band or even the song, I still enjoy watching the clips from Night of the Living Dead. 

The Nearly Deads ~ Never Look Back
Ok I don't like anything in this video now, but I used to like it when it first came out, so who knows - somebodies bound to like it. 

Under construction!

We are under construction here! I'm doing some serious changes to the blog so if it's a little messy, disoriented, crazy in the next couple of days now you know why. I hope you all enjoy the changes like the new set up! Don't worry it's temporary people, I'll be back ASAP!

Here's a little something to keep you smilin' while you wait. 

Music Video Month - The runner ups

These videos were close to being in the top ten but didn't make it. Surprisingly some of them are newer videos, but they just didn't give me that feeling of belonging in the top 10 spots. shhh... but secretly... they're my runner ups...

Bjork ~ I Miss you
This one was hard to leave out of the top ten since it's one of my very favorite if not favorite animated video. Good ol' ridiculous animated impossibilities, that's my favorite. I love most of Bjork's videos for their artistic quality but this one stands alone. It's so worth the mention!

The Black Keys ~ Tighten Up
This video was so good it made me look into more of their music and now I have a newer band to add to my list of favorites. It's just too cute.

Primus ~ Wynona's big brown Beaver
This video is kinda creepy because of the costumes but really cool because of the very same reason. The song is dynamite and I just love Les Claypool! I remember when my daughter first watched this video, she said she didn't want to go to the fair anymore! LOL! How damn funny is that? Just think of how hot it is in those things. 

Franz Ferdinand ~ Take me out
This is video is just fun with it's kind of Terry Gilliam feel and steam punk look. Cian is a huge Terry Gilliam fan so I've become a lil fan myself and this video reminds me of his work. Plus I kinda like the song, it was different at the time and it's fun.

Nirvana ~ Heart-shaped box
This one needs no explaining. Anyone who really knows me knows I'm a die hard Nirvana fan, they had to show up somewhere. 

Get to know your Bloggers Better - Gail

Who? Gail

First Interview: Here

Gail aka Nitebyrd is just an amazing lady with such an honest point of view and attitude! I love her and I've had the most fun getting to know her through this experience. 

Closed minded people. Stupid people. Politicians.
I love America but if I could, I'd move to Australia in a New York minute.

Clowns. Fire. Death.
Living ~ Tim Burton.  Dead ~ Vivian Leigh and Lizzie Borden.

I've got two, the raven and the wolf.  I identify with both animals characteristics.

Make sure to serve the meat rare, cut in bite-size pieces and the correct wine.

Mike & Molly always makes me laugh.  My all-time favorite, Daria.

I haven't read a comic book in forever but I like Cyanide & Happiness and Parabnormal.  They're comics, kinda.

Tell you you're old and fat.  Horrible things, really!

Jeremy asked you:"If you could have one of any super hero's powers, who and what would it be... and why"?
Well, actual super hero power, flying.  I'd just be cool to zoom up and away from annoying people.  If I were really a super hero, my power would be biting sarcasm so I could shut those annoying people up with panache. Then fly away!

Nitebyrd also got to ask a question to the next interviewee! 

Since it's Music Video Month, what is your favorite?

Middle class rut ~ New Low

Music Video Month - Foo Fighters

Foo Fighters do the best videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Foo Fighters ~ Everlong

Foo Fighters ~ Walk

Foo Fighters ~ Learn to Fly

Music Video Month - Just for funzees

I still love this video since the first day I watched it back when the internet speed made sure you had to wait 30 mins to watch a 30 sec clip. I remember staring at the screen for an extra minute after watching this and then singing the damn song for the next 10 years. Guaranteed to get stuck in your head for the rest of your life.  Enjoy!

Tarzan Rubberband

Music Video Month - Guilty Pleasures

These videos are almost too embarrassing to mention but they are so funny, well done or entertaining that they are complete guilty pleasures.

Weird Al ~ Perform this way

Move your dead bones

jamiroquai - virtual insanity

House searching

Look out, crazy house searchin Britnie (we were having fun in the car) We just got back from looking at a house. I am in love. It's in the best neighborhood in the city and it's 5 bedrooms! (don't think we hit the big payday, they're small bedrooms) But it's a little out of our price range and with me not working that is a huge problem. So we are going to sit down and figure out the finances and see how the hell we are going to pull this off. There was 5 cars broken into on our street last weekend. It's time to move.

So this means haggling with banks for a couple of weeks and scraping together enough for a down payment. I keep on trying to think about how it will be different... no drive-byes alone is enough incentive to get my ass moving towards getting this house. Cross your fingers for me people, I need all the luck I can get.

Morbid Zombie Mondays - White Zombie

White Zombie ~ Thunderkiss 65'
This video just reminds me of a good ol' classic 90's video. Bad special effects, thrown in splashes of color and those weird goggles everyone was so fond of and you have a regular 1992 music video. I miss the 90s.

Monthly Meal Calendar and Grocery list

So this is only my second month doing this, but it has helped us with money. I now have this months and next months planned out. I wouldn't suggest doing more than a month in advance, but I got a little carried away. With every dinner planned out, we can plan our grocery shopping even better than before. So here is next months (since I printed out Jan and deleted it from the computer already).

Each list is separated by each payday, so they're 2 weeks apart. This way we only go shopping every two weeks still, but save money by not buying useless crap.  They are also divided by the amount of each check. For example, paycheck through Feb 7th - 20th is usually more than Feb 21st - March 1st so the list is bigger. 

Oh yeah, and I forgot something. 

In your face Dad!!!!

Get to know your Bloggers Better - Jeremy

Who? Jeremy

First Interview: Here

Okay, television commercials and news reports that make me feel stupid. We all know they make these reports/ads to scare us.
I wouldn't mind living in a castle someday, one with a moat and drawbridge... overlooking a large plot of land that leads to a river... any thoughts?

Spiders and clowns... now this does not include the fear of drowning.
Root-beer with my father, he was a good man... never got to know him until three months before he died of cancer eight years ago. I mean I knew him as my father, but not as a man... hope that makes sense. If that was possible and could add one more to the table let's throw William Shatner in there... now there would be a sweet party... at least for me.
Born in the year of the monkey on the Chinese calender, I will stick with the James Brown Monkeys...I am not sure what kind of monkey it is, I included a photo... I love the fact that they make the squeal like James Brown.

Find out what kind of killer they are and give out the most appropriate response... such as if he is a people eater offer them a steak... if kills women offer them my ex-wife... if strangler, get sharp cutting tools... though the bottom line is killer at the table, i move my feet out of there.

Anything from The Three Stooges, Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin... classic films.

Comic Books I have two that come to mind "Marshall Law" it's about super hero killing super heroes... second "Speeding Bullet" imagine Clark Kent landing in Gotham City and found by the Waynes... so Superman is Batman.

Trap you inside... more vain you are the more you look...longer you look... the more you are trapped.

Sharon asked you: If you could redo the past 10 years, what would you have done that you talked yourself out of?
a: Many bad things happened to me in the last ten years... short version: divorce, dad, grandmother, aunt, nephew, uncle, great friend and my cat's deaths, had a job lost a job... had another job lost it and things randomly blowing up in my face. I learned to be a better person in ten years and I am sort of glad to be who I have become in those years. Life is a short step to a long road... if I could change anything, stay healthier than what I have become. I am not sure that is the right answer, but that felt like the right question and response.

Jeremy also got to ask a question to the next interviewee! 

Since it's Music Video Month, what is your favorite?

Of all time or of the last year?
2011 - Steven Tyler - "(It) Feels So Good"
... you still are one of the greatest performers.

All time - "We're Not Gonna Take It" - Twisted Sister
... cause when you are having a bad day, this brings it back to reality.

Music Video Month - Songs of childhood

Finally - Songs that remind me of my childhood. Plain and Simple. Enjoy!

Blind Melon ~ No Rain

Crash Test Dummies ~ Mmmm Mmm Mmmm

Spin Doctors ~ Two Princes

Porno for Pyros ~ Pets

Pearl Jam ~Alive

Take action! Don't let us be censored!

Take action NOW!

Music Video Month - Soul to squeeze

RHCP ~ Soul to Squeeze

Want to be interviewed? Get to know your bloggers.

 Have you read any of our Get to Know your Bloggers segments? Just in case you don't know what they are, I'll clue you in. Every Friday we feature a fellow blogger in this here Bloggerverse, and by feature I mean they get to answer my weird, random questionnaire.

They also get the chance to ask me questions if they like, so you also learn a little bit more about me each week, if you're into that kinda thing hehe. I've also interviewed myself and you can see my answers if you want. Just click on the About Random Girl Tab up top.

It's fun to learn a little bit more about the bloggers you follow and more you know nothing about. But don't forget, there is also a button to the left that has a link to past blogger interviews so you don't have to wait for each Friday, or if you missed someone you were waiting for.

Want to be interviewed? Just ask! You can leave a comment on this post, any post or email us @ I'll get back to you quickly and with the loverly ?'s. Just make sure that if you leave a comment I have a way of getting a hold of you, an email link on your profile or site. Have fun and I hope to be talking to you soon!!!!!!

Music Video Month - A tribute to Cian

These videos are for my honey because every time I watch them I think of him. Not to mention they are on his top ten of favorite bands I think, at least STP and the Toadies. Enjoy! I love you honey!!

STP ~ Interstate Love Song
I originally wanted "Creep" but of course YouTube has to be picky with what they let Blogger use (it apparently is always STP songs for me) but this song still reminds me of Cian and we get to see healthy Scott too which is always a little weird.

Toadies ~ Possum Kingdom
Another band that always reminds me of Cian is Toadies, he loves the Vaden (aka Todd Lewis). It was actually going to be in my runner up category but everytime I went to watch it I thought of Cian, so this one's for him.

Spacehog ~ In the Meantime
It was this or Mungo City and I like this song just a little bit more (mostly because of his live performance of it cracks me up) this guy has stage presence let me tell you. This song just reminds me of the 90's, it's just a great fuckin' song. Oh and it reminds me of Cian because he always sings along but doesn't know the exact words, it's priceless. 

Morbid Zombie Mondays - Rob Zombie

This Morbid Zombie Monday in MVM goes out to Mr. Rob Zombie.

Rob Zombie ~ Living Dead Girl
There are many reason why I love this video more than the rest, maybe it's the black and white silent film era feel or that it reminds me of one of my favorite movies BOC. It could just be that Rob Zombie is just a cool motherfucker. 

Rob Zombie ~ Never gonna stop

This video is great because it resembles another one of my favorite movies (A clockwork orange) but with added strippers and what not. He's got a thing for strippers I'm guessing, that's where he found his wife after all. It's an alright song, but I love the CWO feel and that dirty feel when you watch it. Good Fun. 

Cowboys and Aliens - yuck

So I went into thinking, this movie might not be as bad as everyone says. After all, I never listen to the ratings or suggestions of others, what the hell do they know. (so for that matter, you shouldn't have to listen to me I guess) For example, when District 9 came out everyone gave it horrible reviews and still to this day I think it might be my favorite alien movie. but anyways... I thought, this movie can't be all bad, it has one of my favorite actors, Sam Rockwell and that Olivia Wilde chick is big right now, and mr. jon favreau directed it. But boy was I wrong. What a piece of shit. Harrison Ford is still a horrible actor and is proving with age that good looks die out along with age. I'm so embarrassed to have even profited the making of this piece of shit.

Now I know some people loved it, and it's all good. But it's my blog and I get to write about my experiences. In other words, nobody is right or wrong here, it's a matter of opinion. Hey, if there are those of you who liked it, cool. That's why there's so many movies out there right now, everyone has different tastes.

Get to know your Bloggers BETTER - Sharon


First Interview: Here

First I want to say I'm so happy to have met this lady. She is someone I can truly call one of my friends now and she is just fun, funny and so cool! Sharon has been so supportive and such a staple out here in the bloggerverse with her blogs, books and hilarious comments. I couldn't imagine doing this without her help and guidance! 

People on cell phones anywhere in public, but especially when they're with their kids or driving a car.
Finland--no religion, extremely safe and clean and healthy and progressive.
Flying. I do it, but I hate it. I have premonition dreams of airliner crashes with 100% accuracy. So, basically, I've been in a dozen or so crashes as a virtual witness. 
I'd love to have met my grandmother from Lapland. I suspect I'm a lot like her.
Red squirrel-no doubt about it. I'm redheaded, fluffy, race around doing a million things at once and am always concerned with having enough nuts for the winter.
Probably want to pick his mind about his thought process. 
The Jerk, American Pie Wedding, The Hangover, 40-year-old Virgin.

I usually end up reading nonfiction, but my favorite fiction book of all time was "The Prince of Tides." I swear he knew my family!

They reflect your karma. So, if you've been a bad person, it comes back on you and you see ugliness. If you're a good person, you see beauty.

Sharon also got to ask a question to the next interviewee! 

Since it's Music Video Month, what is your favorite?

Thank you Nitebyrd!

I love getting presents from readers and friends. I just received an awesome present from a blogging friend, Gail aka Nitebyrd. Oh yes people, it's a Zombie Troll! She said she doesn't want any free publicity, but come on, look at this thing! I am in love!!!!!!! These will be in her Etsy shop soon, so keep an eye out. I might be getting a couple more!

How cool, cute and damn awesome is this zombie troll. I actually used to collect trolls when I was a little girl, I enjoyed playing with them more than my barbie dolls. I wish I could have kept them to send them to her to contribute to her craft. I love this. Love this!!! Thank you Gail. You wanted to know what I think and I love love love it!!!!

So thank you again Gail. I love it so much (I'm sure you've heard that enough by now). 

Music Video Month - Animation Creation

These are a few of my favorite animated videos,

RHCP ~ Love Roller Coaster 
The Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of my top 3 favorite bands so this is a no-brainer. Animated Anthony Keedis, oh hell yeah. Plus the lil clips of Beavis and Butthead make this even better!

Aha ~ Take on me
Okay so everyone knows this is like the ultimate animated music video, hands down. But the funky rifs make it one of my favorites and because I've always wanted to fall into a comic book!

The Gorillaz ~ Clint Eastwood
I just loved this video so much after watching it when it first came out. I still remember the first time: I was staying up late watching Top 20 on VH1 and this came on. I had never heard of The Gorillaz but I loved the video so much, I went and bought the CD.

Tom Waits & Kool Keith ~ Spacious Thoughts
I originally looked this up to be mad that Tom Waits was doing a collaboration with a rapper, but Tom fooled me again. It works. Tom Waits is a genius and after listening to the song just through the video, the video grew on me.

Pearl Jam ~ Do the Evolution
You just can't have a list of the best animated music videos without this little number. It has all the good taste of old stoner animation.

Music Video Month - My Favorite dancers

Here is my 3 favorite movers and shakers, free thinkers and dancers.

Radiohead ~ Lotus Flower
He is King of the Flailing Limbs that's for sure. No one can get into their music like Thom Yorke, he's a musical and dancing genius. I love this video because that's all it is, 5 minutes of Yorke freestylin', freedom of expression at it's best. 

Scott Weiland ~ STP  Live
I originally wanted to put vasoline on here but there wasn't a video available for blogger from YouTube, so I went with Scott Weiland live, which let's face it is when he's a dancin' fool! Oh yeah!

Jane's Addiction ~ Just because
Now this isn't their best video by far, but it does have a lot of Perry Farrell shaking his ass everywhere with his signature dance moves. Oh the days when musicians didn't care what anyone thought... Jane's Addiction has always had the style of, I don't give a fuck. I miss that.

Morbid Zombie Mondays - Zombie Music

In Honor of our Music Video Month here at It's on random every Monday in January will be featured Zombie Music videos! Yeah! So... This Monday is going to... THE ZOMBIES! Their songs are classic and even though there are no real music videos out there for these guys I've tried to dig some stuff up for your viewing pleasure.

The Zombies ~ She's not there
They were so ahead of their time with this song. It's so beautiful and poetic. Just gorgeous.

The Zombies ~ Tell her no

The Zombies ~ Will you still love me Tomorrow

Music Video Month!?!

I hope everyone is enjoying music video month here at It's on random! It was just a little fun project I came up with to bring back some of those good memories music videos used to bring us: maybe we'll be doing it next year if everyone likes it this year. I wish there was a real MVM out there, but that's okay, that's why we started it here!!!!! Oh, and I see the Dr. Theda has joined in too so don't forget to check out his website for some extra little music video goodies! How cool is that?

Get to know your Bloggers - Better

Who? Britnie aka Random Girl

First Interview: Here

How much time do we have?  People who have bad punctuation or spelling drive me insane, I don't know why this is, but I've always thought I would make a great English teacher. Or people who use your instead of you're. Ugh. People who let their kids throw fits in stores. Any loud food eaters - sometimes I want to smack the food out of my daughter's hand to save her neck. People who talk over other people (this is a norm in my family especially my older sister and I can't stand it) Another is people don't use their turn signals, it's the easiest thing to do and it's not like it's hurting me in any way, but I scream at people on a regular basis. 
It's between France and Norway. France for it's rich culture, beautiful art, architecture and food and the fact that it holds the highest percentage of Atheists. Norway because it's the perfect place; neutral, low population density, diverse and is apparently the happiest country in the world
As ridiculous and unlikely as it sounds I am terrified by sharks. My biggest fear is being in a boat and seeing that dark shadow underneath, surrounding the boat. I won't even go in those glass rooms surrounded by water at the Zoo. Oooowewewuhhh, I just got the chills and cried a little bit.

Les Claypool or Woody Harrelson, they both just seem like two dudes who are just regular people doing what they love. I think that's pretty cool.

An Owl, cuz their wise and all that. Oh and their pretty. I hate that owls are big right now, but hopefully the fad will soon fade away.

Feed him his mom

#1. The Jerk (classic, "The cans are defective!" lol), Gentleman Broncos (brilliant, I love Jemaine Clement) and Bridesmaids (this show cracks me up, I love a good penis joke - or ten) ooo and Hot Fuzz, I think I've watched this movie more than most and it never gets old.

My favorite Comic book series is Ben Templesmith's Wormwood the Gentleman Corpse for it's witty and adult humor and the Wonderland Series from Zenescope since it fuels my love of Alice in Wonderland.

Steal your goodlooks. I know this because I swear I get less better looking everytime I look in the mirror, I'd rather take some chips out of the ol' soul instead.

Random Question Generator: What is something you really want to do that you haven't in a while?
Go to a concert. It's been so long now since I've been to a concert mostly due to money problems and being a new step-mommy. Music has always been a huge thing in my life ever since I was a little girl dancing around the living room with my dad to Pearl Jam. Before I got into a "serious" relationship and when I had a good paying job for a while there, going to concerts was a regular cool thing I used to do. I miss that. A lot actually. If there was one thing I wish I could make time for is to let go at a really good concert, but that is asking a lot right now sadly. :(

Remember! It's Music Video Month and I'll be showcasing my top 10 favorites of all time on Jan. 31st!