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Discontinued... story of my life.

I went to my favorite childhood market to pick up some goodies I remember only this shop having. They remembered me right away, well they remembered me as Kirby's daughter, but good enough. I looked for some products and they didn't have them. So I picked up some novelty treats and headed home. I decided to look online to see where I could find these products. So as I searched for each item, every one coming up discontinued, I figured I must have a taste for things that are going to be discontinued. Does this mean that Mountain Dew Code Red will be discontinued? Or Peanut Butter Twix? Probably not, but it does seem like there is quite a bit of coincidence with my favorite things. Two of the items I was looking for at the market were Pink Grapefruit Mentos ( I have a thing for pink grapefruit) and Coke blak. I'm sure these items are discontinued because not enough people liked them. But guess what? I LOVED them! So here is a memorial service for the yummiest products that were discontinued, or at least the ones I can think of at the moment.

Coke blak: Oh how I miss this deliciousness. I literally drank this at least once a week if not everyday in High school. I had these tiny little bottles all over the place. Someone needs to come up with another coffee flavored soda.  

Simlar to this? Haven't found anything yet :(

Pamplemousse Mentos: My mouth is watering just looking at this picture, I loved these so much and took it for granted how easy it was to get these before. Now I can't find them anywhere! I have to get my pink grapefruit fix somewhere else, and there isn't many pink grapefruit candies out there.
Simlar to this? Pink Grapefruit TicTacs are as close as it gets, but the chew isn't there. 

Hi-C Ecto Cooler: Remember this? I do! I couldn't think of the flavor so I typed in Hi-C with Slimer on it. Ta da! Ecto cooler isn't even really a flavor, but it was damn delicious!
Simlar to this? Well I'm not a fan of Capri Suns or any other juice boxes nowadays, but I'm sure if this came back I'd drink it. 

Sprinkle Spangles: This was the best damn cereal in the world. 'nuff said. I remember the commercial with Dom Deluise as the genie.
Simlar to this? The only things that I've found that tastes similar at all is Cookie crisp Sprinkles. It's good enough, but it's nothing compared to Sprinkle spangles. 

Surge Soda:  The start of energy drinks. Holy cow remember this stuff? It was good, but sugary and I'm pretty sure it would have rotted the teeth of our youth if it was still around.
Simlar to this?Well I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing that there isn't something similar to this, it was an acquired taste. But there are so many energy drinks out there that taste like soda, that it's quite possible that there are tons similar to Surge. 

Peanut Butter Crisps: These were so good. A little cookie on the outside and yummy peanut butter on the inside. All of this is making me hungry...
Simlar to this?  I haven't found anything with the same tasting peanut butter as these did. Maybe peanut butter wafers are as close as you get. 

Squeezit: Another lunch time favorite. These remind me of being a kid.
Simlar to this? Nothing will ever be the same :(

Garden Ratatouille - my new favorite dinner

You know that scene from Julie and Julia when her husband is chomping down on some bruschetta looking thing and going to heaven? Well ever since I first saw that movie I've wanted to make garden ratatouille. It was easy and fast and I think it might be my favorite thing in the world.

Morbid Zombie Mondays - We need more zombies!!!!! Also a Giveaway!

I'm on the search for some new zombie blogs! I've been wanting to come across some more zombie based blogs for a while now, or at least one who is authored by someone who has a passion for our undead friends. Do you have any for me? I am gonna bribe you here people, so get ready. I have another Giveaway, but you will only be rewarded if you have a new zombie blog for me. 

So here are the rules: 
- Leave me at least one zombie blog in the comments and if I'm not aware of it you will be rewarded with a special zombie themed gift. (so to better your odds, I would give more than one)

- Make sure there is a way for me to contact you. I know I put this on every contest or giveaway, but you wouldn't believe how many contest winners don't get a prize because I can't get a hold of them, so I'm forced to go to the next person. 

- This can be a multiple winner Giveaway! Yep, you heard me. There is no limit to how many people can win!  So if 40 people bring me 40 or more good zombie blogs, then those 40 people will all get a prize! 

- Giveaway starts today and ends March 12th! So get me those sites. 

- You can only win once though, sorry I can't give one person 40 prizes. 

Giveaway Feb 27th ~ March 12th

Get to know your Bloggers - Chante

Chante and which is linked through my dot com site.
Original and Crunchy! Love the Crunch!!

I started having zombie dreams about 7 years ago and needed an outlet so I started my blog. It began with pictures from my day to day life and then I would write zombie storie sto go with the images. Then I started to get followers who requested that I start one ongoing story...and I did. Now it has grown into a dot com store for handmade zombie themed items and zombie walks in New York City.
I'm planning on starting a new ongoing story soon.
Rice..plain rice...I have a stomach bug. But usually I have two eggs over easy with toast, tea and some juice.
Sometimes the sailor is in the port and sometimes she's not. I try to watch my vocabulary since I have a little one with little ears who hears everything.
My blog started because of zombie dreams just like Freddy was dreamt up. 
Hudson's very yummy stuff. My other guilty pleasure is the tiramisu from the bakery near my home. 
The zombie photos I take and that are given to me by my readers & followers. Most of my blog wouldn't happen without the ongoing support of my fans!
Day by Day Armageddon (the first one) by J.L. Bourne. Probably the tenth time I read it.
Can't say I've had one since I was a kid.
Zombies go without saying but I'm also addicted to every ghost and paranormal show on tv. Vampires just don't do it for me. taste varies so much and it's hard for me to say what I really like since I can't remember names AT ALL!! 
It was black for a long time. Then I realized that black is the absence of color.Now I like hot pink, blues, green...yellow makes me look sickly and hot orange is fantastic as a coat with big fur!
That tiramisu I mentioned a few questions ago.
Jaws, couldn't swim in a pool or the ocean for a long time. Twelve Monkeys, made me realize what a virus could really do to the human race. Trainspotting, helped me to never do hard drugs for fear a dead baby would fall from the ceiling and eat me (a little of It's Alive is in with that). Fight Club... just because...well it's fight club...
Compact Dibble Pick Folding Survival Trench Shovel ( something like this with extra sharp blades. It would be good for digging and killing zombies. My real weapon of choice would to not be detected by zombies and have the ability to hide really well. I would only use a weapon when I had to and only against one zombie at a time. There isn't any weapon on earth that would help against a horde of zombies.
"Zombies Can't Love"

how did you find my blog? How long have you been reading? what do you like about my blog?

- I actually found your blog while looking through similar interests on blogger, but I don't remember which one of our categories matched up. But it's been about a couple months now. I love love love your store, as you can tell from my blog, I'm kind of a zombie nut myself. Just a little.

Our love of zombies brought me to find chante's blog and now our complete love of Tiramisu (I have a small bakery 2 block from my house that has the best too, weird!) makes me excited! The store is so much fun and any zombie lover will have a blast clicking through. Plus, it is all handmade and I'm all about the handmade revolution! Check it out yourself!