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I'm back!!!

Hello all! Well I'm finally back on the web after almost a MONTH! We are moved into the new house and I finally got our internet hooked up. I have a confession, I have been cheating on the blog with my new yard lol! This is my first 'real' yard so I've been having too much fun cleaning it up and getting crazy with it. But don't worry, I'll be sharing some of my latest projects with you all soon.

Moving was quite the workload. My best friend from high school, Kiah and her brother helped out as well as my parents, so we had a nice work force. Which I am so grateful for! But it took a long time! You never realize how much crap you can shove into a little apartment until you have to move it all out. But we had fun getting everything ready for the new house. Astrid had more fun with the empty boxes! I couldn't bring myself to taking them away from her.

But we are finally moved in, I mean I actually have pictures hanging in my living room! I have half-started so many projects while cleaning and fixing up the rooms that I have to get into super blogger mode and get to typing and get back to our regular scheduled posts.

So here's to getting back on track! Thank you to all who have stopped by while I was away! Cheers!

Let's Celebrate! 50,000 Page Views!

I'm so excited! At 12:20 on May 3rd 2012 we hit 50,000 page views! Now to some of you veterans out there this may not seem like such a milestone, but it is for me :)

Thank you for this feeling you have given me, those of you who are frequent viewers. I feel like I have hit a monumental moment in the history of It's On Random. Thank you for making me feel so special!

As a thank you, I'll have to think of a fun giveaway for you guys. As soon as I'm done moving I'll think of one. But until then, I'm focusing on moving into our new house and that's about it :)

Morbid Zombie Mondays ~ Zombie Fridge

Many of you have seen my fridge at home, covered in zombie magnets and silly pictures of zombies, but I don't have a zombie shaped magnet yet. Well here solves my problem. From the Neatoshop comes the Magnetic Dead. It's so cute and you can pose it so many different ways. Plus, check out the detailing. Pretty Badass! I will be covering my new fridge with this little guy, who's joining in?

It is also the last day of May Monster Madness, so if you've had fun thank your hosts and creators Annie, Emma and Ked for letting all of us join in the blog hop.

I hope you've had fun here too, cuz I love ya!

May Monster Madness Day Day 4 ~ ABC's

Here is my favorite Monster Movie ABC's!

A is for Army of Darkness
B is for Bride of ReAnimator
C is for Critters
D is for Dracula/ District 9
E is for Evil Dead
F is for Feast
G is for Ghostbusters
H is for The Host
I is for I Am Legend
J is for Jaws
K is for Killer Klowns from outer space
L is for Lair of the White Worm
M is for The Mist
N is for Nightbreed
O is for Omega Man
P is for Predator
Q is for Quarantine
R is for ReAnimator
S is for Slither
T is for Trailer Park of Terror
U is for Undead
V is for Venom
W is for Wolf Man
X is for X-Men First Class (Mutants are monsters if you don't like it, GTFO)
Y is for Young Frankenstein 
Z is for Zombie Diaries

May Monster Madness Day 3 ~ Funny Monsters

Some of the best monster movies are the cheesy and fantastically funny ones. I'm a B horror flick kinda chick, so these are actually my favorite kind of monster movies. So on day 3 off MMM, I thought I would share with you my 3 favorite Funny Monster movies! Drum roll please...

Black Sheep: There are 40 million sheep in New Zealand, and they're pissed off!

This movie is meant to be pretty cheesy and funny, but I have to tell you, it scared the shit out of some people. Apparently, some folk's worst nightmares are rabid-like farm animals. If you haven't seen Black Sheep, give it a try if you like your cinema a little ridiculous and fun. Think of it like a werewolf movie, but with sheep.

Growing up on the family sheep farm was idyllic for smart, sensitive Harry Olfield, except for some knavish mischief from cocky brother Angus, until their dad has a fatal accident. Fifteen years later, Harry has finished sheep-phobia therapy and his ICT schooling and returns. Angus buys him out, all ready to present the genetically engineered Oldfield sheep he bred with a ruthless team. When environmentalist Grant steals a discarded embryo, which has sharp teeth, he gets bitten by it, and thus the first to be infected with predatory hunger and a mechanism that turns any mammal into a werewolf version. Running for the farm men, Grant's mate, student Experience, gets teamed up with Harry and his boorish but gentle pastoral youth friend Tucker. They must survive both the bloodthirsty sheep and their creators, who didn't realize this yet but dispose of an antidote.

Best thing about Black Sheep: Well let's see here, THEY ARE WERE-SHEEP, come on!

Beyond ReAnimator: Herbert West is at it again!

As many of you know, I'm a huge Re-Animator fan so this could either come as a surprise or not that I love this movie. Many people actually hated this movie and thought it was a horrible sequel to the brilliant Re-Animator, but you have to find the beauty and hilarity in this as I did. It's seriously funny and full of ridiculousness like dubbed voices and a fight between a infected rat and a severed penis.

Everyone's favorite mad scientist Herbert West is currently in jail after having state's evidence turned against him by his former assistant, Dan Cain. While being led away, some re-agent falls from his pocket where it is picked up by a young man who was camping nearby. The young man finds Herbert down in his jail cell and learns for himself just what the re-agent is capable of.

Best thing about Beyond ReAnimator: Did you not hear me before? There is a fight between a rat and a penis! And of course there is always your lovable Jeffrey Combs.

Slither: They are aliens, but they are also slugs/worms... so I'm callin' it a monster movie people.

This not only happens to be one of the funniest monster movies out there but it also happens to be one of my all time favorite movies EVER! It's hilarious, well made and it stars Nathan Fillion, yum! If you haven't seen it, please just watch it for me, pretty please. I love this movie and think James Gunn should have gotten a lot more credit for making such a fantastic mix of a movie. Me and my family have been saying quotes from this movie whenever we can fit it into a daily situation since we first saw it.

In this blend of the B movie classic _Blob, The (1958)_ and some Romero's zombies film, a meteorite collides in a small town. Grant finds it, and is infected by a parasite worm, which installs in his brain and causes him a creepy transformation into a monster. Starla, his wife, and Bill, a policeman, will try to stop him and the plague of worms generated by the creature.

Best thing about Slither: Other than the fact that is has a perfect cast including Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks and Michael Rooker, it also has amazing special effects and some of the best character development I have seen. It is full of so many quotes that you'll remember it for a long damn time!

A little extra for ya', Best quotes! Guaranteed to make you crack up if you've seen the movie or ones to look out for if you haven't!

"There's something wrong with me!"

"It's just a bee sting"

"We're itchy!" (we use this one all the time ahahah)

"Bitch is hardcore." (This one makes me laugh out loud every time I watch this movie, just thinking about it is making me wanna watch it bwahahahhaa)

"... you got your Lyme disease"
"Lyme disease. You touch some deer feces, and then you... eat a sandwich without washin' your hands. You got your lyme disease! "

"It's the only coke I like!" (referring to Mr. Pibb lol)

Find some more monster posts today, just click on a link below:

Wedding Wednesdays meets May Monster Madness

Usually I would post something about my upcoming nuptials, but it's May Monster Madness right now and I wanted to bring the two together today. I've always been a huge fan of the Bride of Frankenstein, there is really something so romantic and sad about the tale that makes it so interesting. There is something about her iconic hair and the color scheme that always get's paired with the two. Here's to the best monster bride!

If you wanted to do a Frankenstein Monster wedding, I'm sure it would be pretty easy.

The Dress: This dress is actually from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein with Robert DeNiro, but it's still gorgeous and not too simple.
 There is so much costume jewelry out there, you are bound to find something you love that is in the theme.
 Don't forget your cake topper! This is just gorgeous!
Don't forget all of your BOF themed food!

 And yes, there are even BOF plates!

May Monster Madness Day 1

Hey it's May 1st and day one of the May Monster Madness blog hop! So enjoy and see what everyone else is writing about today.

Today we are going to talk about the different kinds of Monsters. Truthfully there are just too many monsters to name. I could literally be here all day talking to you about different gelatinous blobs as a first topic. So I was real lame and decided to bring it down to 6 genres. (Que music for lame Britnie, I know) I want to know what your favorite kind of monster is. And if I did a horrible job and left out your favorite bump in the night, don't be afraid to let me know down in the comments.