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Send your great vibes this way please... we need all the positive thoughts we can get

Easy Project Day: One's trash is another one's chair...

This chair was being thrown out by my neighbors just because it didn't have a seat. So I thought that I could make one for it and use it for my craft station. So cheers to another 10 minute craft project!

Get to Know your bloggers - Tante Fledermaus

Name: I'm TanteFledermaus.  My parents call me Leslie.  My coworkers do too.  My students call me Teacherteacherteacherteacher.

First and foremost...
 If I'm going to eat a Cheeto, I prefer the original hard ones.  My go-to cheese flavored snack is Sun Chips, though.  They're like virtuous Doritos.
 I started my blog as a way to comment on other blogs that I read on the regular.  I also don't have much of an IRL social life, so it's a nice way to interact with other humans.  I'm socially awkward.
 I had oatmeal with cranberries and walnuts for breakfast.  And a protein shake.  I am disappointed in my protein powder.  It's gritty.
 My language is... colorful.  I will swear when it seems like it would add punch.
 I don't watch horror movies.  I do, however, like the sort of crap you see on Investigation Discovery, about actual human depravity.  I'm not sure why.  I don't want to listen to screaming.
 All my pleasures are guilty.  I like spray cheese and early 90s hair "metal."
 I'm not sure what I like most on my blog.  Probably the interactions with people part?
 I'm pretty sure the last book I read was World War Z, but it might have been Boneshaker.  I don't generally read fiction- I read those on a flight to North Carolina.
 I like the buttered popcorn Jelly Bellies.
 Zombies look like they'd have a smell.  You'd have to clean up after vampires.  Ghosts can float.  I like ghosts.
 I don't have a favorite song or music.  My iTunes library has about 5 versions of "La Mer," about 4 of "La Vie En Rose," and 6 of "The Night Pat Murphy Died."  I can listen to Skrillex's "Bangarang" over and over.  There's no real theme to any of it.
 I like black.  I like pink.  I like purple.  Mostly, I like glitter.
 I'm not craving anything, because I just finished dinner.  Later, I will probably eat cinnamon almonds.
The longer I live, the more I think that "Labyrinth" and "The Dark Crystal" are the pivotal films.  I hero-worship Jim Henson, and Brian Froud is a very nice man.  His whole family is lovely.  On the TV end, I am still not over "Firefly" being cancelled.  I'm going to watch "Serenity" tonight, in fact.
 When the zombies come, I'm probably going to be in the first wave of people to be eaten.  So, a better question would be, what will YOU use to protect yourself against ME?
 My favorite quote is very long.  It's Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot."  You can find it on YouTube.  Edward Gorey once said "Part of me is genuinely eccentric- part of me is a bit of a put-on.  But I know what I'm doing."  It reflects my life pretty well.
What is your stance on George Lucas's tendency to not leave well enough alone?

-For your question: As far as George Lucas goes, I just try and pretend that Star Wars ends at Return of the Jedi. I can't stand the bad acting, bad screenplays and the inconsistencies. I don't like any Indiana Jones movies... I wish he would have just shot the horse in the face back in the day and lived in the glory.
-I'm with you 100% about not being over Firefly being cancelled, one of the best purchases I've ever made was getting Firefly on DVD. Serenity has to be one of the best things put out in the universe, but makes me want more!

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Easy Project Day: Make an easy dry erase To Do List

I didn't have any Design paper so I created mine in Craft Artist!

Easy Step #3: oh... there isn't! Enjoy and craft on!

I decided to keep it as a stand up frame instead of hanging it up because I could write on it easier (I'm too short to reach across the table lol!) It turned out to be a great idea, I can move it to where it looks nice or move it for space.

Morbid Zombie Mondays ~ Zombie Truck

Happy Monday guys! I have yet another zombie game for you this Monday. I hope you enjoy it! Play some Zombie Truck

Get to know your bloggers - Kateri Von Steal

Your name: Kateri Von Steal (my blogverse pseudoname)

Crunchy.... and Hot....Both... MIXED...Oooh, now I want Cheetos. Damn you.

The truth? I was beginning to go through a divorce... And, a friend of my ex began to tell the world these horrible things about me. About how I was a cheater (that I cheated with him)... that we were in love.... Well, that turned to stalking... I had to close down my facebook, which pissed off a lot of people. Friends? Nope.... I learned that the hard way. So, here I am... basically NO ONE to talk to other than my then 3.5 year old.... and my dad... Couldn't go out much even to begin to MEET new people, because of the stalking... it was surreal bad. So, I had all these things to say and vent about.... enter I made a pseudo-name and began blogging. Needless to say, this blog is called "Just Life: Take Two" because it's my second attempt at it... the original "Just Life" was found by the stalker, don't ask me how, just was... and well, I had to stop for a while.
But, now, it's a great outlet to talk about my life, my kid, my positives and negatives. It's great to go back through my posts... to see how much I've grown as a woman and a mother... And things I still need to work on... It's my mini-therapy.
I had a large glass of icy Strawberry Bannana BoltHouse Smoothie... It's easy to drink while I drive to work.
I really wanted a bagel.. but you know... the cream cheese can get messy while driving...
(And Honestly, I now wish I had Cheetos)
At work: Clean like a nun.
At Home w/ my son: As clean as it can be... but you know, the occaisional curse does slip.
No kid (and a couple of drinks): SAILORS BEWARE!
Michael Myers...enough said.
There are so many...but to pick one....
 The Calzones they make in the cafeteria with in my office building...
They're deep fried... and awesome.

Inappropriate Image Wednesday....You never know what yahoo images will turn up with the most INNOCENT of WORDS!
Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett.
(I'm always reading)
Not a Jelly Belly Fan... I like the starburst jelly beans... and then... the cherry ones.
Right now on my iPod is Dessa... I recommend her music!
Cheetos... you mean, mean woman.
Um, but, honestly, since I've been eating really healthy lately... I've really wanted junk.
Ice cream, burgers, fries... So... you know... GREASE AND FAT.
I've been craving GREASE AND FAT.

I can't name a movie that changed my life...
But... books,,,,
Well, I've read a lot of them.
Lovely Bones (better than the movie)
White Oleander (see previous comment)
Precious (both were pretty good, book showed progression of the lead character better)
Truth about Diamonds (Don't ask why)

I've been playing a game called Rise of Nightmares on my xBox Kinect... and you get to hand-to-hand combat with the undead... Right now, I like my machete... But, you know... it will go dull eventually.
 "I'm not telling you it's going to be easy, I'm telling you it's going to be worth it" Ralph Waldo Emerson
Can I have a web invite to your wedding?

- If we can set it up just right, you can have a front row seat!
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