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Wedding Wednesdays ~ The venue

We think we've finally decided on a venue for the wedding... yeah the first decision we were supposed to make is taking the longest, I mean I have my dress already for cheese sake's. Anywho, so we just need to find out our long list of details, but since it's exactly what Cian wants I thought I would share with you guys because I'm super excited!

This is the West Richland Golf Course. The entire bottom is the "banquet hall" or whatever you call it. The great thing about it is that there is a bar both upstairs and down, plus there are bride and groom rooms also :) and a bride shower just in case. Another awesome thing? The doors all along the bottom all open up so the reception can be inside and out, how cool!

For the ceremony, we were thinking about having it under this gorgeous willow tree on the grounds. Pretty right? Of course the flags and stuff won't be there, but since it's in July and isn't going to be too long I want it outside.

So there's my little preview for you guys :) Oh and Kateri, I have a family friends who may be willing to do video for the wedding so you can see :)

You're not a ZOMBIE blogger anymore!!!!!!

Yes, I have been labeled a fraud by a lovely reader. He un-followed the blog, wrote a nasty comment and asked to get my site removed from bloody disgusting. Apparently, I don't have enough here for him :( or he just has a major dildo up his ass; no judging. Okay, maybe a little judging.

Let me just say: I'm sorry for those of you who feel let down due to the last couple of months being less of a horror blog and more of a "just whatever the hell Random Girl decides to write about" blog. But can you blame me? I got engaged this year, I'm getting married next year and in no way did I label my blog, a "zombie blog" I just think Zombies are fucking bad ass :) But maybe it's the reason my page views have went down, or the reason my comments have been cut in half.

So I'll be going out of my way to bring back the die-hard fans (not John McClane fans), the ones who originally came here for the zombies and such. I'm sorry if you felt abandoned, but life happens and it seemed a little bit more important than to tell you about the latest zombie shit stick I just found. I'm kidding of course.

If I got paid to blog like some of the others out there, hell yeah would I stick to a theme. But since I don't make the big bucks, get used to seeing recipes pop up, baby stuff, wedding stuff and whatever else I wanna rant about, okay? It's called It's on random for a reason you know.

But if I'm not meeting your zombie quota don't forget, there is a everything zombie button to the right of your screen :)

Have a fun Tuesday and go make someone smile today.

Morbid Zombie Mondays - Picture fun...

I have a bunch of zombie pics just lying around and nothing to do with them, so I thought I'd put a little picture show together just in case you haven't seen some of them.

I love the worms coming out of his eye socket!
Best Zombie costume ever? Probably

My favorite redo of the last supper

Happy Monday all! Have a blast.

Becoming a meat eater... Part 1

Before you condemn me to meat eater hell, my fellow veg heads, know that I am truly saddened to make this drastic step. Now I know to any vegetarian, hearing that eating meat can make you actually healthy sounds like a load of bullshit, I know, I was there once. But for some people, being vegetarian is extremely unhealthy and dangerous for an anemic.

Sometimes no matter how you feel about it, it might be more healthier for some people to actually NOT be vegetarians. I am an example. After over 4 years of solid vegetarianism, I'm throwing in the soy. I'm not going to lie to you all and say this is a choice I'm absolutely thrilled with, I'm actually petrified. But after some reflecting over my past choices and realizing after being slightly anemic as it was, I have only created a bigger problem for myself. Not to mention, I've had a really tough time with hair loss, which is in fact due to my vegetarian diet.

For some people, becoming a vegetarian is the healthiest choice they make in life. But some people just aren't healthy as vegetarians, I again, am this ridiculous example. Why? Because I am a naturally chubby girl and a diet based on any amount of carbs is detrimental to my weight. Sugars have replaced fruits in some circumstances and breads have taken the filler of protein. Then there is the science of it all. No amount of vitamins, supplements or soy products can help with a substantial loss in protein once you've dug that hole. And my hair brush, blood tests and even sex life can tell you that.

My current weight, hair loss, and blood have taken a huge toll just because I wanted to stay away from eating animals. But, even as I write this I feel less and less guilty about my choice. I have spared animals for my health for almost 5 years, now it's time to take care of myself. It might sound horribly insensitive, but I'm going to do my best to tread lightly on the earth and still enforce cruelty-free options.

And though this all probably just sounds like me defending my reasoning, it is what it is. And yes, of course, it helps me feel okay with my decision. Now I just have to wait for my subconscious and stomach to properly catch up. Just know, that this will not be an easy thing to do.

 Because of my lovely wandering brain, I still have gut-wrenching images pop in my head every time I even think of eating meat. So like I said before, this is not going to be easy. But since I couldn't keep myself healthy as a vegetarian, I now have to back track and wonder if it was ever a good decision for ME, no one else. So if this becomes a way of treating my body with a little respect, especially when it craves something and creates a healthier me, I'm willing to do it. If not, I'll probably be back.

Thankfully, I was never a judgmental vegetarian, I didn't try and sway people and in no way am I trying to do the same with vegetarians. I am just simply noting my preference and seeing what comes out on top. I may flip flop, or I may make myself ill, but I'll be doing it, not judging myself or others who choose to differ from me.

So here's to a new chapter, a chapter where I can finally have that shrimp I've been craving for years now (the only thing I missed) and hopefully a more healthy one.

Vacation Photos!

------------------------Warning! Image Heavy!----------------------

Sorry it's taken so long to get these bad boys up, but I wanted to take my time settling back into our routine after vacation. No more vacation for over a year, the wedding is next summer which means, we won't have enough money to be taking any extra vacays. But onto a more lighter note, vacation was awesome! We went to the beach in Newport (Oregon) and then back up to Portland to go around town and take Nora to the Zoo. How Fun!

It was soooo windy!

My honey had fun writing in the sand

Morbid Zombie Mondays - Zombie Cat Toy

Need to train your cat for the zombie apocalypse? A good way to start is to get them this catnip zombie toy from PatchworkLaboratory on Etsy.

Or you could get this zombie doll.

Start of the craft station

How sweet :)

check back later to see what happened to this space!

Going on vacation!!!!

We are going on a long vacation and I couldn't be more excited! Pictures to follow, but until then enjoy this little note!

I love you guys!

Vegetarian Curry dinner