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Starting over...

I started this blog Jan 2 2011. I had up to 493 (almost 500) posts that I spent so much time and effort on... then Google sent me a message saying I needed to delete my address associated with my blogger account due to my information being compromised. Which means, they needed to delete my google account :( This deleted everything I have worked on for a year and a half. Posts, celebrations. Everything! I was about to break down, I was already crying. But I decided to wipe away my tears and wipe the slate clean. Start over.

This is gonna be a bitch... Under construction

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Get to Know Your Bloggers - Zombies Everywhere  You looking for a zombie fix? We're your supplier in everything undead! Yes you are!
 The funniest movie I have seen in my entire life would probably have to be Ted. Thought it was going to be completely stupid, ended up leaving the theater with my sides splitting.
 You can call me a nerd all you like but my favorite movie of all time would have to be The Empire Strikes Back! One of the greatest movies ever made!!!
  Spiders. wayyyy too many legs for one creature to have
 I'd rather be rich so I could use my wealth to buy good looks.
 Thats kinda a strange question. lol. But if I had to say one it would probably have to be the apple, because you are are yummy? (I have no idea how to answer this one. lol.) It's a curve ball, that's why I like it hehe.
 I sleep with them open, I dare those closet monsters to come at me!
 Aside from yours and mine I would have to say A beer for the shower. Those two are flipping hilarious!
 Oppa Gangnam Style!
 My ultimate goal is to become the ultimate authority on anything and everything zombie! I think you're already there!
 The ones my ex used to make after we were done... *ahem* "knocking boots"
 Scorpio all the way baby!
 Team Coco! Hell Yeah! I am in love with Conan!
My childhood hero was Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Giveaway winner!

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Since only two people entered in the Giveaway I just popped over to a random number generator and it picked the winner for me. So...

Congrats Jeremy! You won!
 We'll be getting to you soon for all the details. Congrats again!

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Wedding Wednesdays ~ A Zombie Touch

Re-posting (I'm reposting what I can with reloaded images)

We have told people now, countless times, that we aren't doing a zombie themed wedding. It sounds like a lot of fun of course, but after weighing all of our options we realized we wanted so much more! So we decided to make the theme Brit and Cian :) But that doesn't mean we can't slip in a little zombie love where we want.

As many of you know, like many women out there, I love me some shoes! Last week I did a post of some ways to liven up your shoes on your wedding day. People rarely see your shoes as it is, so it was an easy pick to zombify. I'm in love with Iron Fist right now, since they are so comfortable for the height.

Meet my Zombietini wedding shoes. I am in love. It's a simple little zombie touch without being campy or overdone. They also have lilies on them, which are part of the wedding already!

We decided to go a more traditional route and get a vintage wedding topper. I'll share a picture when we get it in the mail. 

Other options we have thought about adding a zombie touch include:
- The garter
- Bowtie
- Bestman and MOH gifts
- OUR glasses

A baby shower for a baby sister

Last Saturday I threw a baby shower for my little sister Kim. No one else had offered and I wanted her to have at least a get together. She's young, so not many people wanted to show up. But that didn't stop me from putting in some effort, just to make her feel special for a couple hours.

The theme was simple Pink and Green Polka-dots and I made more than too much food apparently, but you never know with certain parties. The weather was perfect outside and the guest list was minimal. I made special Bingo boards and kept in the color scheme.

Help a friend out!

I'm here to ask a little favor of you all. A dear friend of mine, Jeremy is trying to hit his 500 mark, and damn it, I'm gonna try and help him (smiley face)! As a fellow blogger(sometimes horror blogger) I know how important these special milestones are. So let's help a blogger out, huh?

Help Jeremy over at Retro-Zombie hit his 500 mark! All you have to do is follow his site here. You could also win a special giveaway from him as well! Check it out!

So let's get the community into it and tell a friend too!

Yours Truly,

~Random Girl

Morbid Zombie Mondays ~ Zombies and hot girls

Everyone seems to be in love with zombies and great looking ladies. Why? I have no idea, but zombie pin-up girls are gorgeous! Maybe it's because they're badass and sexy at the same time. Or, maybe it's because I'm a huge fan of both Pin-up and Zombies.

So for you Zombie and tits kind of guys, here's some movies for you:

Get to Know Your Bloggers ~ Kateri Von Steal
 The Exorcist. Yeah yeah yeah, I'm weird. But, I swear, I was exposed to that when I was maybe 9 years old. And when it was re-released in the theatres I was in my mid-teens. I was hysterical in the theater. I know for it's time, the Exorcist was a scary ass movie, but with the advances in movie gore magic... You know... It became pretty tame, and humorous.
 Yes. I do. Oh, wait, you want to know what it is? The Monster Squad. It's like the goonies, with monsters. It's awesome!
 If I use the bathroom, in the middle of the night, and the shower curtain is closed.. I have to open it.  I am afraid about what COULD be lurking behind there. (I'm a wuss)
 Both? Um, well... good looking. Because then I could marry rich? LOL. This question makes my head hurt.
Pineapple? Sweet and Spiky?
 Closed. Monster can't open the closet doors, or breach the doorframe... It's against the rules. It's written by this really cool chic.... and well, I found out recently that she WASN'T a zombie, even though there are a lot of ZOMBIE THEMES on her blog. I know, it's disheartening... but, you should check her out. Zombie or not. HAHA. Um, I read a lot of the same blogs you do Brit.... Ghost Hunting Theories... Above the Norm..... Those are all great.
 I can't think of a song!.......... Um, Shit. I don't know. Pass on this one, It's Monday. I can't think!
 Super Stardom. No. Nah. That's not it. I just want to be able to reach someone, who's trudging through similar situations that I have been in, and show them, that it will be okay. That's what a lot of the blogs I follow have done for me.
 Anything with Hot Sauce. Recently? A pulled pork, mac-n-cheese panini, dipped in hot sauce.
 Josh Gates? Destination Truth? That's how late I stay up!
I can say that I didn't have one. I looked up to my sister, but she wasn't really my hero.  Tim Curry was kind of an idol... as was Vincent Price... But, no hero's.

I hate you right now Google!

Geez, that was an ordeal! I'm in tears over here. My email address that was linked to my blogger account had been compromised so I had to change it. I didn't just have to change it though... I had to create a new account, add myself as an admin, then let them delete my old account. So my settings and profile are a mess at the moment. This also means that my Picassa which has ALL of my pictures have been erased. I'm at a loss... There was things for the wedding pictures, family pictures, blog post pictures, all this that I couldn't get back.

So right now I'm in the process of refollowing everyone, it's annoying to say the least. So if I disappear from your followers, I'll soon be showing up again, or maybe I'm already your newest follower lol. 

It's not like I lost a couple of pictures, I basically lost every single post I've ever done!!!!! I'm sitting here crying trying to figure out if I even wanna keep going or if I should just toss it. I've lost EVERYTHING IN THIS BLOG!

 So here goes the long, long process of figuring everything out again,.. wish me luck

It's just a whole mess right now, so bear with me please..

Happy Thursday, time for a Giveaway!!!

This giveaway is closed.

Hooray for a new Giveaway! Today's awesomely creepy giveaway is brought to you by Nitebyrd from A Dust Bunny In The Wind. You can find other great goodies as this at Nitebyrd's Nest on Etsy! 

Another great present from Nitebyrd, ItsOnRandom readers who purchase from the Nest can use coupon code RANDOM for 20% off! Hell Yes!

The Giveaway starts right now and ends on Thursday the 27th @ midnight! The winner will be announced Friday the 28th.

How to Enter:
1. Be a Follower of BOTH Adustbunnyinthewind and Itsonrandom
2. Like Nitebyrd's Nest Facebook page
3. Leave a comment stating that you've done steps 1 & 2
*Please make sure there is a way to contact you, either through your comment or leave an email address. -US entries only, Sorry.

What you win!!!!!

Details and Disclaimer: The bottle is glass, approximately 7" tall.  It's filled with food coloring colored distilled water, plastic and glass beads, plastic spider/web, plastic bone.  The cork has been glued in and covered with sealing wax.  A faceted plastic "jewel" tops it. Label, black ribbon and a skull & crossbones resin/metal cabochon.  

 !!!To be used for a prop/decorative use only.  Not intended for children.  Do not drink and/or eat the contents!!!

Enjoy the Giveaway guys! The winner will be announced Friday!

Wedding Wednesdays ~ The little details of a candy bar

I wanted to leave my little touch on almost everything in the wedding. So, I decided to make these cute little labels for the candy bar we are so excited to have! I also created a cute sign for our candy bar, which will be only Green, Black & White candy of course.

Isn't this the cutest!!!

I thought it was a great little detail, feel free to take my words all you want :)
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Flower tutorial: Baby Beanie #2

Make this fabulous fall baby beanie!

What you need:
Knit material
Flower fabric
Corresponding thread

Another Day, Another Baby shower

This coming Saturday I will be throwing another baby shower, this time it's my little sister. So I'm going to be having some more baby posts and hopefully a great baby shower post:)

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Get to Know Your Bloggers ~ Queenie

Hmm...that's a hard one. I love lots of different comedians from Lewis Black, George Carlin, Robin Williams, and more. I just love comedians!  I guess I'd probably pick something from Margaret Cho if you forced me at gunpoint. Her stand up is hysterical!

One favorite? Nope. I have many. A few I would consider are Pan's Labyrinth, The Fountain, Night Breed, Hellraiser, Martyrs, etc.

Cockroaches. I fucking HATE them. I will flip out if I see them in movies, and of course, they happen to be in quite a few movies. Today even my husband found a picture of a lady who stabbed a HUGE cockroach onto a knife and I almost fell out of my chair. If you want me to flip out, show me a roach.

Rich. At this point in my life I am tired of having no money.

Something green, like Spinach. I love spinach. It's tasty, versatile, good for you and full of iron. And it makes the best salads! You'd make an awesome salad I bet. ;)

Open. I don't care if there is monsters in there. They can watch me sleep. Maynard is a great guy and posts some wicked horror stuff.

Well, since I am seeing her in concert next week:  

To show people all the wonderful things that live in the dark. I want to show people how interesting horror is, and how it has many functions and mediums. It's why I do more than reviews. I want people to experience horror and the macabre from different angles. Books, movies, comics, art, etc. Anything that captures the darkness of the human spirit and the monsters that lurk there.

One with lots of different layers to it. With sauces, meat and veggies! I want it to be full of deliciousness!

Taurus on the Aries Cusp. Or as my husband says, "You're an Aries with a splash of Taurus, because you were late for the Aries party!"


Oh man. I had a couple: Alice Cooper, Robin Williams, Clive Barker and Anne Rice.