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What do you have planned for today?

Usually Halloween is a huge deal for us, but this year hasn't seemed to much like Halloween. Maybe it's the Hurricane (our thoughts are with the families affected by Sandy), or maybe it's the low funds, but something is just missing. We aren't doing costumes, except our daughter. We didn't decorate. We aren't going to a party. But we are gonna have a horror movie marathon and sit around, get sauced and hand out candy. We are usually never home to hand out candy.

What are you doing today?

Garlic Bread Pizza

Chicken-Ranch Garlic Bread Pizza:
-Garlic Bread
-Pre-cooked Chicken (I used tofu chicken for the vegetarians in the fam)
-Ranch dressing
-Your veggies (I picked onions, green peppers and tomatoes)

This is one of my favorite things to make. Mostly because of how simple it is, but also because it's so damn good! Since my fiance is still a vegetarian, I decided to make it with my own fake chicken. Click here for the best tofu recipe ever! Maybe it's my weakness for garlic bread, the simplicity of it or because it's just genius, but I love garlic bread pizza!

My daughter is officially a teenager, help me!

My lil one just celebrated her 13th birthday this weekend. Wow. Let's just start off to say, it was teenage hell. Screaming girls, bad trend music and oh yeah, screaming teenage girls. But we made it through the night with no casualties.

We decked out the garage for their little party zone, put up a ping pong table, disco ball and anything else that would light up, while of course my girls decided to play ping pong instead of helping decorate. Cian was nice enough to do all the major light work. My dad hosted karaoke and took MC duties for the night.

Get to know your bloggers ~ Me, Random Girl, Brit!!!

Oh yeah, it's my time to answer some questions!

 I'd have to say The Jerk! I laugh no matter what "He HATES THESE CANS!" hahah holy shit that's funny!
 It's a three way tie! It's a Wonderful Life (Jimmy Stuart is the best), Reservoir Dogs and Bride of Frankenstein
 I have a serious fear of Sharks! It's impractical I know, but I'm even scared to go swimming in the river, cuz you know I'll be the first bitch that got attacked and killed by a fresh water shark hahaha
 Weird answering it about myself but, probably an ordinary apple... that's too sour inside
 I took my closet doors off so those damn monsters would stop messing with them!
 My favorite blog to read every morning is
 I'm only putting this one out there because it won't get out of my head! Maybe it can get stuck in someone else's today:
(the singer might look a little familiar, he's Jorma Taccone's brother)
 To make some $$$$, no just kidding. I just want people to want to read it, even if they don't know what the latest post is. Someone wakes up in the morning and just opens the site, just because they wanna see what I've done today. That's pretty cool.
 Turkey and Pickle, that's it.
 CANCER baby!
 I love me that gorgeous Red head! Go Conan!
My childhood hero was always my mama growing up, but I had a slightly odd obsession with Julia Roberts, she was like a god to me.

Halloween Wreath

I totally almost forgot to show you guys that I made a Halloween wreath. My goal for the next year or two is to make a wreath for every single holiday. I've had these pictures since last August and almost forgot to post them, silly Brit.

Pringle Can Candles

What you need:
Pringle Cans
Wax (old candles)
Essential Oils
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Morbid Zombie Mondays ~ I need this shirt!

Look at this, I NEED this. Have you ever seen a shirt so freakin awesome? Now, all I have to do is find out where I can purchase it. This was off of a website in Peru, which I couldn't read of course and translate wouldn't work. Sad face.

But it's all good, I'm going to check my trusty Amazon and Ebay and get back to you, back from the Death. I want a whole series of Back to the Future (from the death) T-shirts. Like one with Doc, oh hell yeah!

The best way to prepare and store Tofu for future use

All vegheads check this out. After being a vegetarian for years I was always trying to find cheaper solutions to buying fake meat. It's expensive and at one point, everyone in the house was a vegetarian. My kids wouldn't eat just tofu but they needed the protein so I had to be sneaky. I have to admit, I am no longer a vegetarian. But my fiance still is, so I still do this on a regular basis.

Welcome our newest Sponsor ~ Shabby Apple

Give a giant welcome to our newest sponsor, ShabbyApple! They are known for having some of the cutest vintage dresses, I'm almost obsessed! Check out their fall line right now =click here= !!!!!

 As you all know I'm a huge sucker for vintage style, I can't get over it for some reason. So when ShabbyApple came to me wanting to be a sponsor, I was thrilled. So let's do us all a favor and click on their cute little picture on our right hand side bar and check some stuff out!

The Ottoman

13 chills Season 3. Check it out!

Hey guys! I wanted to share something really cool with you. You need to check out 13 Chills , 13 memorable moments in horror movie music. Each installment features the story of the brilliant score from a cherished horror movie and a bio on the composer responsible. But not just that. Each page also has music clips of a unforgettable song from the score, like "window watching" from Fright Night, that alone is enough to make me wanna pop the movie in.

Did I mention there is a prize in each installment? Heck yes there is! Check out today's installment which features the movie Sisters, number 4 of season 3.

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CAKE record stands

What you need:
-Old Records
-Candle holder or something else to use as stand
-Mod Podge
-Hot Glue
-Album cover

Morbid Zombie Mondays - Zombie Housewives of the 1960s, Buy the Book

Hello to you all on this wonderful Monday Morning! Last week, Zombie Housewives of the 1960s went to print! Holy cow! So I've been waiting till today to tell  you about it, why? Because I can hahaha!

This is the second book in the awesome Housewives series following Zombie Housewives of the Apocalypse, also available on Amazon. Both of these Zombie gems are written by two of my favorite bloggers, Julie from Above the Norm and Sharon from Ghost Hunting Theories. So jump on the Zombie wagon, if you're not already on and go check out Zombie Housewives of the 1960s! I'm getting my copy :)

Bottlecap Barrettes

I was so sad when all of my pictures were erased, I couldn't get any of them back!!! Tutorials were lost, this is one of those tutorials. So I had to retake a bunch of pictures, though not as thorough as before.

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