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Mod Podging to Stain Wood

This one's going in the Tips & Tricks file. It's works great, especially when you have vinyl cover furniture too instead of wood.

 When my fiance and I moved in together we have a terrible mix of wood colors, well, he did. Most of mine was dark espresso, but his ranged from Cherry to Pine, yuck. Since we are in kind of a money pinch I can't just go out and buy new matching furniture, but I can stain what I have to look matching. 

I found out last year while doing my Tiffany costume, that you can just tint anything black with Mod Podge and paint. So I decided to try it with my couch first and the outcome was incredible! So I decided to move to all of my other furniture! Now I've used this on a bunch of tutorials: I used it to stain my kitchen shelves, to match my ottoman and telephone chair and I did my whole couch too! I has less than a half of a bottle left and still managed to do the movie shelf

52 Things I Love About You tutorial

What you need:
- A deck of cards
- rings (maybe binder rings)
- paper
- glue
- scissors 
- something for the cover (I used cardboard)

These are everywhere right now, but I just had to make one. I loved the idea so much and I thought maybe my honey would appreciate it. It's such a sweet gesture and it even meant a lot while I was putting it together. 

Still in love!

Our Anniversary was perfect! We didn't do much, but just being together was enough for me. Most of the time we just snuggled on the couch while watching our favorite shows. Got some Chinese food, laughed at R Kelly's Trapped in the Closet. Opened gifts. I had a blast. Excuse the pictures, they are taken with my phone :)

He got me the sweetest card, it was perfect, I cried.

An Argyle sweater I have been crushing on...

My favorite candy!

There was also a giant bottle of my favorite wine involved but, it's gone...  of course.

Happy Anniversary to my Fiance

Today marks our 4 year Anniversary. Wow, that went by fast! I'm not sure of what our plans are for today, but I'm excited to spend some much needed time together.

I made Cian a couple of special gifts for our Anniversary. One gift that I made him was the 52 things I love about you card deck. I know these have been everywhere for a while now, but I just couldn't help but make one.

Hello all! It's one of my favorite days of the year, the day after Thanksgiving. No I'm not one of those crazy black Friday shoppers. Today is the day when most people take down their fall decorations and start decorating for Christmas!!!! I'm usually not this excited, but I can't wait to decorate. I couldn't even sleep in after all of that eating yesterday!

So I'm gonna leave you guys and go deck the halls. And living room. And house. And anything else I can put a Christmas twist on  :) I'll be back with lotz of pictures I'm sure

Decorating for the Season: Thanksgiving

Today has been full of mini projects following cleaning and decorating. I love the holidays, I might have a decorating addiction hehe. Just kidding, but I love the excuse to change the house around and create new stuff every couple of weeks. The Thanksgiving wreath is super simple this year, but I like it, it's clean and looks good.

The leaves on the candles and wreath are just ones I got at the Dollar Tree, love that place. I had my daughter go pine cone shopping in our front yard for our plethora of pine cones all over the house.

I wanted to make cloth napkins for Thanksgiving this year, so me and my BFF Kiah cut out a shit load of fabric squares. This was time consuming, so thank you Kiah for helping!

Sewing the edges was easy and quick, I'm a super fast on my new sewing machine.

My mother had this great idea to use these turkey and squirrel plastic rings as napkin holders. Aren't they so cute? She got them from a cake years back and kept them. I used what I could and ironed the rest of the napkins and folded them nicely. It's a cute little touch don't you think?

Too bad you can't see it very well. I even made my nails festive and painted leaves on them.

And while I am cleaning and decorating, Astrid is taking a nap. Lazy bones!

Morbid Zombie turkey MOnday

Welcome to this glorious Monday all. Most of you barely have to work this week, and I know that makes for happier people. I'm already starting my Thanksgiving cooking today to get some desserts out of the way. As I said before, I am super excited about this year because we will be hosting Thanksgiving at our house! Yay! Which means I am in charge of the Turkey. Don't worry, this was is just dead, not undead. This is also my first Thanksgiving in years that I am not a vegetarian, so I'm actually excited about the food!

Thanks to the extra baking for the season, I will be having more recipes coming your way and hopefully more tutorials following Thursday. I can't wait to start on Christmas stuff! I have too many ideas for Christmas! 

Check out the adorable hair clips me and my best friend made for our daughters, their turkeys! We have a fun night of crafting, she brought over all of the supplies and we went hair clip crazy. 

Well that's all for today. Have a wonderful Monday!

Nitebyrd's Nest - Get a little something awesome for yourself!

Today I'm going to be doing a little shout out for my first Sponsor ever, Nitebyrd. Not because I'm in contract to, but because I think her shop is so freaking cool! I even have a Christmas gift picked out for someone from her shop :)

I know I've talked about these before, but every time I look at my little Zombie Troll, I just melt! For some reason the combination on these nostalgic toys and zombies = Genius to me. I couldn't think of a better toy to be zombified. Get one here! I just think everyone should have these!

How about a Peace Love Zombies Christmas Ornament? Adorable right? Get it here!

I'm sick. Sick, sick, sick

Welcome to cootiesville. I'm sick over here, not the usual sick that I always am ;) but flu sick. I hate this. But the good news is, I get to stay in and stare at the computer and rest a while. If I dose off mid sentence and this publishes, excuse me lol!

I do however get to show you some things I've been crushing on...
Like this Pink Sparkly Makeup case from Pinup Couture. Love it!

 Or these beautiful shoes! I want them as my going away wedding shoes :)

Oh yes, and skull salt and pepper shakers. 
I'm going to go "window/screen" shopping and relax. 

Step into our Office

I've been slacking lately and I apologize. It's been a while since I told you guys I'd give you a little tour of the little places in our home that I love the most. Enter, our office. This is where I do most of my blogging and writing or just come to hang out and read a book.

Image heavy post

I'll just show you some of my favorite things :) First up we have I guess a little rocker shelf, with my Kurts, Beavis and Toki jammin out.

Speaking of cupcakes...

Look at this cuteness my daughter carved and painted for me in her technology class. How cute right?

What have I been doing?

Painting cupcakes, that's what! No I just did that today. I've mostly been working on catching up from everything, daughter's birthday, Fiance's birthday, the elections, new state laws, family in town, Thanks giving coming up; we've been busy. But I'm super excited for Thanksgiving this year because... it's at our house :) We will be having thanksgiving out our place this year, it's the first Thanksgiving put on by one of the grandchildren (yes I'm in the second to latest generation). Which means fun Thanksgiving crafts to keep me busy till Christmas.

Can I tell you, I can't wait till Christmas! We have so many new decorations and A HOUSE to put them on and in! Plus I have so many Christmas crafts this year, I'm planning on making A LOT of homemade gifts. I want to start making Christmas gifts now!!! But I need to start with Thanksgiving... This is gonna be a busy end of the year!

My MOH Kiah picked this up at Joannes for like $1, I love cupcakes! She also bought one for her and her daughter, we had some fun.

Then we found this betta tank at PetCo... how cool right? A bat-cave fish tank! It was $20 though, so I'm putting this on my to-do list. I'm gonna make one of these. I don't know how yet, but I know I'm gonna make one.

Dentistry of Miami

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Democratic voter and damn proud of it!

This is the first election I have completely followed and voted. I'm so happy for the outcome and proud of WA State!

A couple of groundbreaking things happened tonight that I want to proudly announce:
-Washington State became one of the first states to Legalize Marijuana!
-WA state approved Gay Marriage

Way to go voters, keep voting for what you think is right!

Kitchen Shelf

When we first moved into our house the kitchen had these shelves, but they were covered in wrinkly contact paper. It was hideous. I took the contact paper off to reveal ugly unfinished plywood. I needed to do something about it.
I painted the shelves with Mod Podge and acrylic black paint (this shit works wonders)!
Doesn't that look so much better?!!!
I'm glad I have somewhere to finally put my jars. I got the small ones from the dollar store believe it or not.
I like the new clean look of it all, it makes me happy. not to see a mess up there anymore.

Halloween pics

Halloween was pretty fun this year! We drank, and drank and then drank some more. But no party or loud crowds. We kept it small and full of booze. It was a pretty fun time. I wasn't originally going to dress up, but I was working on my daughter's costume and I was having so much fun with the spray blood I won over at Retro-Zombie that I decided to make a simple costume for myself. But let's get to everyone else first...

My niece Elora was a doll in her Cinderella costume I made her, of course she had to dress for the chilly weather after a while.

My darling mama was Minnie Mouse.

My dad was... I don't know, but it was hella funny (especially after a few drinks)

Nora was a zombie hippie.. her choice :)

I was a bullet shot victim, my lil sister Maddi was a lil devil and Nora was of course the zombie hippie. What a crowd!

Astrid got a Halloween sweater from her Aunt Kiah, thanks Kiah!!!

Fun Finds

Some must haves I couldn't wait to show you guys

 Yum! Cupcake toothpaste! Okay I'll be honest, I haven't tried it and I don't think I will, it's too cute to open. I'm just gonna set it somewhere to look cute. But I'm sure it tastes like you're brushing your teeth with frosting. Note to self: Keep away from my child. I got this on Amazon.

 Yes another owl necklaces. I love them, can't get enough of them, and this sucker was under $2 with free shipping on Amazon

 This is also from Amazon, isn't it the cutest ring ever? It's like it said to me, "hey I'm perfect for you, pick me" yep .89 at Amazon. Geez I'm good at this!

 This is just one of those scentsy melts thingys, but it's in the shape of a pie, I just had to show everyone, isn't it darling?

I just had to buy this, it was at the dollar tree, Hell Yes that's a Franky Goblet! I also bought a grow your own brain there too, but i couldn't pin point it at this second.

And these skeleton salad tongs, which I got 3 years ago. I was reminded by another blogger, Decayla, about these and I can't believe I haven't shared them with you guys! Aren't they badass. I got mine at Target and apparently they are still there because Decayla just recently bought some, which is awesome! I use them every time I serve salad, but you can just use them for Halloween if you want.