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Top 5 of 2012

It would have been a top 10 list of my favorites of 2012 but since my account had been deleted half way through the year, I don't have my other favorites :( boo hoo, yeah yeah yeah, let's move on from there.  

Here are my top 5 favorite tutorials of the year!

These candles were so easy and I'm such a sucker for easy decor projects! I think these have been a focal point in the living room ever since they were made.

I had to put the lip balm on here because it was a favorite during Christmas time. People just thought it was one of the coolest gifts to get! And I have to admit, I love my little labels. 

The suitcase chair is just too cool. I love the recycled look of it and it super comfy. Plus it's perfect for gaming on the xbox, I love to nerd out.

In reality these should have made it to number 1 because not a day goes by when I'm not wearing one of my barrettes that I've made! They are so cool and I just love how they make me feel!

The good ol' telephone chair. This made it to number one because of 3 reasons: 
1. I think it just looks like something I would own, it reminds me of a vintage telephone chair I saw at a flea market. I wanted it so bad! But mine is custom-made just for me with my favorite comic.
2. I have gotten more compliments and inquiries on this item more than anything I have ever done, bought or put in my house. 
And finally...
3. It gets sat on more than my couch. Everyone loves the functionality of this thing! I've noticed my girls fighting over who get's the cool chair :)

I can't wait for many more in 2013!

Goodbye 2012!

Is anyone else happy to see the end of this year? I for sure am. This year was full of really high highs and really shitty lows. I will always remember it as the year I got engaged to my best friend and the year that erased my blog :(  But all in all, I am happy to see it go.

Another reason I am excited about 2013 (other than it not being this shitty year) is that 13 just happens to be my lucky number. It was my soccer jersey all through my playing years and it was my favorite number too. Not to mention, 2013 is the year of the snake, which is my Chinese zodiac! So come on 2013, you gotta be my year right? I'm excited to do some real wedding planning and start Wedding Wednesdays up again. I'm excited to finding a new job and balancing the blog, wedding and mommy thing all at once. I need to wake up and start living life!

So that will be my new years resolution, I will love my life and live it. Sweet and simple. But it could mean many things at the same time ;)

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It's that time...

... to look for a job. I'm not looking forward to this headache. It's my fault for being out of the workforce for over a year now, but I am so nervous. What do I do now? There's not much I CAN do. Jobs are scarce, degrees are needed and I am scared to get back out there. Surprised? I know it sounds silly, but I can't help this feeling in the pit of my stomach. Well, one thing I know is that staying home and taking on these blogger and writing jobs hasn't helped my anxiety, it's only made it worse. So going out and looking for a job is scarier than ever right now and that even seems silly to me!

But it's time I give up on the writing thing for now and go make some real money. I'm tired on depending on my wonderful man to bring home the dough, while I follow my dream. It's time to buckle down and get my ass in gear. Finally.

So wish me luck or just wish me courage to get out there...

Some Early Christmas gifts for Random Girl

I got some early Christmas gifts! Yay! So I thought I'd share some of my latest goodies with you.

My daughter just couldn't wait to show me what she picked out for me! I got this bitchin Walking Dead Tee.

He must have seen me eye-balling it when we walked past this cupcake calendar, so he picked it up for the kitchen. Perfect!

Me and my bf Kiah opened our gifts to each other the other day. She got me all kinds of stuff! I am in love with the cup she got me, it's awesome and it glows in the dark!

Oh and don't forget my favorite Christmas gift ever! Pickles!

Welcome another niece, Josslen Christine! What a cutie!

I am just full of love! There are babies everywhere! Who wouldn't have baby-fever with all of these babies everywhere. I am happy to announce that I have a new Niece, Josslen from my older sister Kara. Yay! You might remember Kwinten, my first nephew. Well he's the lucky fella that gets to be this little cuties big brother, and I know he'll do a great job! Can't wait to hold you little Josslen.

Congrats to me! Over 100,000 pageviews and counting :)

Welcome Pickles! Welcome Alisen

It's been a busy week. My little sister gave birth to a beautiful little girl named Alisen Marie. 7lbs 1oz, 18inches. She's a doll!

We also got a new addition, Say hi to the newest baby to join our household! Pickles! She was a early Christmas present from my parents. Thank you so much guys!!!!! I've been wanting a Jack Russel since I was a little girl. We've always had them in the family so it was natural for me to want one because I know to handle such a little dog with such a big personality. I cried when they surprised me with her, she is just perfect.

She got spoiled the first day with us with a trip to Petco with her aunt Kiah. She got her toys, snacks, a bed and a freaking cute ass sweater. She is definitely a girly girl. My little princess puppy for sure.

So welcome to the family Pickles! 

Christmas themed horror movies

It's that time of year when It's A Wonderful Life is always in my DVD player because we watch it almost every week before Christmas. But maybe we should start another movie tradition, like cheesy Christmas themed horror movies. I remember watching Jack Frost when I was younger and actually thinking it was scary and later watching it as an adult and laughing my ass off.

When my fiance and I first got together, before all of the video stores were closed, we used to rent a movie almost every night. Our favorites, B horror flicks. There is something about funny horror movies that we just couldn't live without. But as Redbox surely closed almost all of our favorite rental stores, non heard of cheesy horror movies were harder to come by. That was until Netflix. Thank you Netflix for having bad movies for me to say, "well I'll never watch that again" or "why haven't I seen this before!!!!". 

So I was looking around and couldn't help but notice my latest recommended category: Goofy B-Movie Horror Seasonal. Great right? So I think we are going to have some fun watching some pretty bad movies, just by the sound of some of these. But I will just show you the two I am most excited to watch.

Here we go, here is a fairly new one, the synopsis is my favorite part!

Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver
Synopsis: After cleverly escaping the maximum security research institute of Homicidal Baked Goods, the Gingerdead Man stumbles upon a time machine and finds himself sent back in time as he slaughters the contestants of a 1970's Roller Boogie contest. 

Now I will be honest, I have not yet seen Gingerdead man with Gary Busey (which sounds pretty scary to me) or Gingerdead man 2: Passion of the Crust. But after watching this trailer, I'm pretty sure this might be the only one I'll watch of this series. Who knows? 

Next we have one I've been wanting to see but haven't yet due to not being able to find it, but good ol' Netflix has it now. It's an Australian/Finnish movie, so it hasn't gotten very far in the states yet, give it a few more years. 

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale
Synopsis: This unusual Christmas story is set in the frozen beauty of Finland, where local reindeer herders race to capture an ancient evil: Santa Claus. This year, everyone will believe in Santa Claus.

I love the little Santa between the title. I hope this movie is good, because I love the idea. I don't put up anything of Santa in my house during Christmas time, I think he's creepy. But a Santa horror film, I'll watch the shit out of that. Here's the Trailer

Do you guys want to see my #1 wanted dress?

Here it is. Were you thinking of something more glamorous, oh well. This dress is perfect. It's by Modcloth and it needs to join my wardrobe. Want one? Get it here...

MY Christmas list

I NEED this!

OOOOooo and I want these!

This was MADE FOR ME

And what about this?

I think I'm gonna cry... I miss being able to buy myself stuff :(

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Christmas Gift idea: 3 ingredient Lip Balm Tutorial

I've been wanting to make lip Balm for some time now because I always thought it would be a great gift. So I found the recipe with the least amount of additives and what not. Actually, it's the easiest recipe ever. This is also a great craft to do with your child, it's not to dangerous or difficult.

What you need:
-Glass measuring cup
-Containers for the Lip Balm

-Petroleum Jelly
-Kool Aid in the flavors you want (or any other granulated drink mix)

I decided to use paint containers for the little girls because I thought it would be cute. To do this make sure you clean them out good, I soaked mine over night just to make sure.

These awesome little containers I got from my best friend Kiah, she found them for me! Awesome!

The best method I've found is to do the double boiler method. Use a pot, put 2 inches of water in it and melt the Petroleum in a glass measuring cup over med-high heat.

 You can tell when it's ready to add stuff when it's thin like syrup. It will be almost clear.
Add in your sweetener here so it is sure to break down enough. You'll have to taste test yourself.
 Once your sweetener is in, add your Kool-Aid mix and stir stir stir. One thing I'll tell you is that the colors don't come out like you'd hope they would. But the taste is still there, which is all that matters to me. I poured mine into a different container to pour in because the spout is better.

I used Cherry, Mango, Blue Raspberry and Lemonade
 Fill up your containers! Leave enough room for any closures.
Let set. Each color needs about 30 minutes to fully set.
 Then you can close them up and decorate how you want.

 I printed out little fruit so you can tell what flavors they are since they're gifts.
I made labels for mine as well, just have fun with it. 

Naughty Santa card from Sketchy cards

Here's a card you can send to someone who has the same twisted sense of humor as you and me. Santa's been naughty this year. Inside reads, "Looks like Santa's collecting presents this year". Outside has Santa holding bag of heads. From Sketchy Cards! Get it here!

There's more from Sketchy Cards here!

Monday Night

Last night (Sunday) I decided to do a little food color dying to see if I wanted to start dying my bangs again. I think I'm in love again and this just might go permanent. What do you think?