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DIY $1 Feather Earrings

This was definitely one of those DUH moments. Why pay $9 dollars for a pair of feather earrings from Claires when you can make 6 pairs, yes I said 6 for $1! Genius! I gave myself a pat on the back for this one and my little sister couldn't believe I even make these! (I didn't tell her they only cost me a dollar, shhh :)

What you need:
Dollar Tree Dreamcatcher
Earring or ornament hooks
Wire cutters
Hot Glue
 This is the dreamcatcher I got for $1 at the dollar tree. It came with 12 feathers on it, perfect for 6 pairs of earrings. Try to find one with varying lengths and colors.
It's so easy I'm sure I can just tell you what to do.
Hot glue the end of the feather to the end of the post. Yeah, it's that easy. Clip the remaining wire and make sure your earrings match up.
I even kept some of the creamcatcher string with beads on there that connected two sets of feathers. It made the earrings nice and long and they look awesome in your hair. This is definitely a projects that looks way more expensive than it was.

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