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Get to Know Your Bloggers ~ Breethulhu: That Damn Goth Girl
  In my opinion the funniest movie would have to be, Chillerama. I can't control myself over the The Diary of Anne Frankenstein story. I can speak a bit of German and in the movie the guy who plays Hitler is just yelling out crazy things in a German accent. Such as: BOBA FETT! RAMMSTEIN! May not seem funny to some, but it's just my sense of humor.
  My favorite movie is Natural Born Killers. May seem twisted, but I love Mickeys and Mallory relationship.
 Embarrassing fear. Hmm well you know in Gremlins, the one is hiding in the Christmas tree and it attacks the mom? Watching that as a child horrified me and ever since I haven't been exactly fond of Christmas trees.
 Well if I'm rich I could always just use that money to make myself good looking! Or if I was good looking it could make me rich! Muuhahahaha It's a win win. Sorry getting carried away over here. Okay. Serious time. I'm not exactly sure what I'd pick in all honesty. I think I'd go with rich, just so I could provide better for my son and myself.
  For breakfast today I had a NOS Energy Drink. Breakfast of Champions.
 I have always fancied purple when it comes to colors.
Right now I could really go for some Sushi. Mmmm.
 Song of the Week is Basshunter - All I Ever Wanted. (That's probably strange coming from myself, but it has a meaning to me.)
 Hmmm. Favorite thing on my Blog. Well I really fancy the people who write me on my blog. Although there isn't many of them who do. The ones that do I hold dearly to me.
 My favorite sandwhich would have to be the Veggie Delight from Subway. Pepper Jack Cheese, Spinach, Tomatoes, and all the good spicy fixings on Flat Bread
  I am a Gemini. I've very into my sign. It fits who/how I am perfectly
Horrible B-Rated Movies, Guilty Pleasure for sure.
  I started my Blog because I was at this weird point in life. I was feeling like I had so many thoughts that I just needed to get out and share with people, if they read it or not. Just to know I had something out there about myself that is vulnerable and maybe someday someone would read it and relate, maybe they wouldn't feel so alone in their issues. Of course everything I talk about on thatdamngothgirl isn't always that serious. I do try and hit some topics that may be relate-able. Such has my struggles with Relationships, Health, so on and so forth.
  My favorite Jelly Belly has to be the Buttered Popcorn. Mmmm!
 My Quote for you today is: "The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast." Oscar Wilde

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