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Happy 2 year Anniversary today It's On Random!

Today marks the two year Anniversary for this blog! Woo hoo! It was a trying second year that's for sure. We had the entire blog wiped out of existence which left me picking up the pieces. But I came back with a bang (and a little bit girlier site might I say) but with a sure BANG!

We've went through several cosmetic changes. I have kept snap shots of every header we've had since the beginning. Want to see them?

January 2011: This was the very first Banner (back when we were originally Damn Zombies) My Fiance drew this which we later made it into a T-shirt to honor the old site name and design.

Later 2011: My first Official set-up. I remember getting my first follower with this header and I couldn't believe it hahaha. I loved the background with this one with the zombie hands. The header with the guy shooting the zombies is still my background on my computer to this day.

Even later 2011: This was actually picked by the readers of It's On Random. I put a poll up of 4 different looks I was working on and you picked this version.

Jan 2012: For the New Year I decided to shake things up and do a cleaner site set-up. No bells and whistles this time, just a simple color scheme and cameo look.

Sept 2012: After the whole data erasing fiasco, I decided to redo the entire site. I changed everything from the buttons to the pages and links. I'm still in love with this setup so I'm thinking it will stay the same for a while longer. Maybe I'll let someone else design it next time ;)

I am so completely grateful for my readers and supporters. Thank you for still being with me here, I wouldn't be plugging away if you weren't here. A special Thank you to my special blogger friends who have gone over and beyond to help a girl out, you know who you are! I wouldn't have made it this far without your encouragement and help. 

So here's to a better year and another year here! I fuckin love you all!


  1. How did your blog get wiped out?

    1. Google had to delete my picassa account which had all of my pictures :( Said it was compromised.

    2. That would be a nightmare!! I have a program that downloads entire websites for viewing off-line - I'm gonna use it on my own blog for a just-in-case backup.

      Oh, happy anniversary!

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary. I hope this next year isn't quite so trying!


    Let's definitely hope that '13 is lucky for all of us. 2012 sorta sucked!


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