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Wedding Wednesdays ~ Wedding cake on a budget

I found a Cake Calculator on Stephs Cake Creations. Yay! Now if you're like me, you don't have $ to get your dream cake. But the good news is, you can see what your budget will allow here.

I first tried it out and put in what I think I might want in a wedding cake. These were my results:

That was a little out of our budget so I put in a budget more around what we want to pay, 250:

We haven't decided on a flavoring yet, but we have some ideas on the design of it. 3 square tiers for sure. I'm torn between a clean all white cake with our flowers or this green design on the cake. 

In case you forgot what our flowers look like...


  1. I love the look of the green design of that cake. Very elegant.

  2. Wow thats pretty cool I had no idea there were cake calculators. Cakes are expensive! I'll be in charge of my godsons bday cake this month. First time ever that I will be working with fondant. I am terrified! I'm making a 3D Mickey mouse hat. Good thing I am making enough goods to only service 40 people max. I can't imagine what it's going to be like when I am a professional baker. Ahhhhh! Damn...this comment was long.

  3. hAHAHA that was a long ass comment, just playing ;) Yeah someone was asking for $900 for a cake at a local bakery. Ypou really think I have 900bucks to spend on a damn cake!!! nope.

    Fondant is fun to work with! I'm sure it will turn out amazing!


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