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Wedding Wednesdays ~ Wedding Weight loss

So I'm never too candid about my weight on here, mostly because who wants to admit they are overweight? But now that my wedding is coming up in just 25 weeks (eek!) I need to get moving! So I will be updating my progress on here once a week. My goal is to lose a pound a week, so I gotta get off the computer more and hit the streets. I also plan on making my Xbox work for me, the Kinect Adventures is quite a workout actually.

So here's to 25 weeks and 25 pounds to go! To fresh food, no sweets and lotz of water. I'm gonna be searching everywhere for some inspiration and motivation. Have any ideas? Send em through!


  1. Kinect Adventures is a workout... I couldn't believe how tired and sweaty I was... and how energized my 5 year old was.

    Walking does a lot as well.
    If you can do 15-20 minutes of walking in the morning... and I'd say the same amount of Kinect Adventures at night...

    I'd say you could do it!

    I also believe in Apple Cider Vinegar Tabs... the help boost your metabolism and shed excess water weight....

    I lost 20 pounds that way.

    1. Awesome! I will have to try those then!

  2. It's such a bad idea to intentionally try and set a weight/body fat ratio for yourself.

    Besides, you aren't overweight, you appear to be at a healthy proportion. Dickering with your metabolism for cosmetic reasons is unhealthy.

    But here is what I recommend. Do you eat fast food or processed foods? If not, good, if so, stop. Do you eat organic meats and produce? If not, then switch to organic. Are you active, by this I mean, does your daily routine include solid blocks of aerobic activity every few days? If not, then you should complicate your daily routine with more exercise. Start commuting/shopping by bicycle, walk instead of drive.

    If you are already doing all that stuff, then you are fine, don't worry about your weight. You are beautiful and healthy.

    If not, then make the changes. Start with two weeks of raw diet. Don't go overboard, eat whatever you have an appetite for, but make sure that your daily intake is mostly uncooked or macrobiological foods. Get some raw cereal and have it with yogurt and fresh juice for breakfast. For lunch have salads, all organic produce please, or a sandwich of whole wheat bread and vegetables. After a few days you should notice that you are becoming highly sensitized to the nutrition in food. You will start to know, as you are eating, what foods are giving you the nutrients you need.

    Basically, start riding your bike to your nearest hippy dippy market/co-op. That's the way to get healthy.

    1. Thank you! According to the BMI I'm quite a bit overweight so it doesn't help my self esteem. I'm working out everyday and cutting out all junk food. Weddings ARE a horrible reason to lose extra weight, but my dress is a little too tight lol

  3. Good luck on the weight loss hon! Persoanlly I think you are gorgeous just the way you are! Congrats on your wedding you lucky girl!

    1. Awe, Thank you! I do feel like a lucky girl lately :)

  4. Well, the BMI is not a chart of healthy vs. unhealthy body weight, and was never intended to be used as such. It was developed purely to estimate body fat ratios, and even then it's not very accurate.

    Never let something like that get your self esteem down! You should check out the!

    Good luck cutting out the junk food. Seriously, try the raw food thing, it's what got me started on health foods.

  5. BMI is absolute BS, according to BMI, people with muscle are obese. So ditch that out the window hun! You are a gorgeous lady, but if you feel like you want to lose weight just for feeling lighter, I found exercise and low-carb/high protein way of eating very very efficient.
    Altho I think you look absolutely fabulous just the way you are... :)


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