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Kiss of the Damned

Look, a movie that the Twihards will love when they grow up! Not that they don't have True Blood or whatever the name of the other vampire TV show is called. I'm not a fan of vampire sex per-say or even vampires for all that matter,  the only movie I enjoyed that romanticized vampirism was Dracula with Gary Oldman. But that's just a good show, plus it's hilarious with Keanu and Winona's horrible acting! Tom Waitts is epic in it though! Now that I think about it, I can't think of one vampire movie that doesn't sexualize the concept. Oh well, whatever people find sexy I guess!

Kiss of the Damned actually looks like it is made well and hey it's got Peter Petrelli! So if you are a vampire fan, I'm sure you'll love it! It's all about the heightened senses and sexy vampire love making lol.


  1. Hope that all is well with you and yours dear Lady... I was wondering why you did not have your "Music Video Month" this Feb....

  2. I'm so sorry! I've been so incredibly busy with the wedding, that I completely forgot about it. oops!

  3. That is OK dear Lady ... Glad to see you back at the "Crypt" ... the Doctor

  4. I must have just missed you after the whole account catastrophe last year ;)

  5. I agree with Voodoo Ghoul.... I like my vampires "scary & Evil" Like Nosferatu Graff Orlock) and Salem's Lot (Mr. Barlow) ... They can keep their "sparkling" undead...
    And congratulations on your upcoming Marriage....


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