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Morbid Zombie Mondays ~ Zombie Fruit art

People have some serious time on their hands, and we @ itsonrandom thank you. I have to be honest, when I first saw the carved banana or zombienana, I thought it was some nasty zombie penis or something, check the peel. I wish I had some serious carving skills to create some seriously fun zombie fruit for my house.


  1. yes i thought it was a dirty man part... too.

    when i was a kid i used to make poor kid puppets... plastic spoon, apple and a paper towel... they were stupid but sadly all we had. it was a neighborhood hit...

  2. I understand that all too well. I was more into the painting or coloring rocks for fun lol.

  3. Ok those skull heads are fucking awesome!!! Lmmfao @ zombie penis hahaaaaaa!!!

  4. ok seriously?!!! That was so hilarious!!! lol

  5. OMG! I just spit coffee on my screen! Nasty, zombie penis!!! LOL

    Actually, I think there is a zombie dildo. Not sure how nasty it is, though. ;)


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