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Saturday Goodies

Yes I know it's Thurday, but I did get these on Saturday hehe. Picked up a couple fun things for myself while we were wedding shopping this last weekend and almost forgot to share! But FIRST I want to show you the cake cutter my Lovely Aunt found for me. 

It's a High Heel Cake cutter and server! How darling!

 The heel is magnetic and removable. She got it right on the money, it's so something I would want!

Got me some bows! Found the bow clips in the dollar section at Target and the bow hair ties I got for only.07 at Walmart! Yep 7cents! Hell yeah! I thought I was getting a deal at 1.50, but they rang up at 7cents!

I have a thing for clovers and shamrocks so when I heard they had St. Patty's day stuff at the dollar tree I went and got me some shamrock shaped goodies! The scarf is pretty cute and the bowl is actually pretty sturdy. I love the hand towels though, I would have paid more than a dollar for those, I love clovers!!!!!

Oh and then my honey found both of these for me. I'm always saying if we have a baby girl, I want her room to be baby hippos cuz they're so damn cute! So he found me a paint-A-bank hippo and a hippo shower cap lol. How funny! 

I wish I could show you all the wedding crap we got too, but that would make this a rather ridiculously long post, so I'll try another time!


  1. I love hippos TOO!

    And.. that cake cutter... would be perfect for deep pies... you know.. I always lose the crust...
    Not with that puppy... I WANT IT!

  2. I have the same bow bag clips and the high heel cake server. Love that thing!


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