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Wedding Camp Out Poster included in our invitations!

Well since we love our family and friends so much, we decided to add a Camp Out to the festivities. Since we are having the wedding out on a big piece of land we thought it would be awesome to have everyone stay after the party and camp out by the bonfire with us. Plus, this will detour anyone from driving home drunk or too tired. We are having our wedding so late, there's no use in getting a hotel for the rest of the night just to have to checkout at noon, why not just celebrate the whole day away? 

These are going to go tri-folded in with the invitations and I love them! I kind of wanted to give the look of a Festival Poster but clean enough to be put with a wedding. And I've seen these cards going around with the mason jars and fireflies that look like they're glowing, but those are printed with printer that can actually print white ink on colored paper. I don't have one of those printers. So that's when I got the idea to bleach the paper! Genius I know! 

I had all of this green stock paper left over from a marketing job and knew it would be perfect but I had to test out my theory first to see if I could pull it off. So after I designed my poster I printed one off with faded yellow glow bugs for placement.

I dipped my Q-tip in the bleach just barely so as not to soak through the paper and blotted where I had marked off. At first it didn't look like it was going to work because while wet it was still blue. 

Thankfully after about 5 minutes or so it dried completely and was white! Yay, success! I printed the rest out without the yellow bugs to save on ink and after blotting just 2 or 3 of these posters, you'll get the hang of it anyway. But make sure that they are completely DRY when stacking or you'll bleach through even if you don't think it would. I know... I was running out of places for them to dry since I had to make so many of them. 

But it was so worth it because look how they turned out! The bleach makes an intense white and the dot look fuzzy just like a distant light. 

Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Oh wow. That's very cool.

    I swear... you should be a wedding planner/organizer...

    You'd make MILLIONS!

  2. How did you keep the bleach from bleeding? Every one I have tried never turns out as perfect as yours.

    1. Hi Amberlinn! I barely dipped the Qtip into the bleach, just so it was a little wet, no beads of bleach. It turns blue and doesn't look like it's going to whiten until about 7 minutes later haha.

  3. I figured it out :-) This is such a great idea!

    1. Why thank you :) anything for the effect and saving money !!!

  4. What fonts did you use? I love this look and wanted to mimic it but was unable to find any similar fonts?

    1. Hi and thank you! I'm kind of obsessed with fonts so I know what you mean. I played around with these fonts and every font until I got what I wanted for my invites. Then I used the same fonts for this.

      Keep the party going: ConcursoItalian BTN
      Camp Out: Cowgirl
      Bride & Groom: Chevalier

      Hope this helps :) Feel free to use any of my wording and images :)



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